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[FAQ] Bending and Reality Storms

Bending and Reality Storms FAQ

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Bending and You

Characters have none of their powers in Nautilus due to the setting of the game. The Wake is based on the premise that all characters start off as Dreamers within their own worlds. Upon Awakening and becoming a Wakened, they find that all that they've known and all of the rules of their own worlds do not apply in Nautilus. Think of it like the Matrix. However, they do have… Bending.

What is Bending?

Bending is the use of one's willpower to bend and reshape reality to that character's wills and whims. This is the only true power of any Wakened as all canon powers are a result of a world that is asleep.

This ability is due to the nature of the city though it is an ability available to Wakened from other locations as well.

The power of one's Bending is based on one's amount of will but also on how well they can form that thought to completion.

How does Bending learning progress Work?

Characters start off with a limited ability to use Bending. Think about how difficult it was to learn how to do something like ride a bike or to play an instrument for the first time. It takes a lot of mental concentration and power and can leave a beginner exhausted whether they succeed or fail during their practice.

New characters are able to start with simple tasks such as Bending sustenance since they are already familiar with how that should be formed (weight, texture, quantity, colors, taste, etc), though players are free to play around with just how easy or difficult it is to learn.

The difficulty of Bending also depends on what the character wishes to Bend. The more details there are to the object/idea, the harder it is to execute exactly.

For example, if a character wishes to Bend a knitted wool sweater, they would have to recall the texture and feel of the wool. They would have to take into consideration how the yarn is woven together and how the different pieces match up. There's also the weight to think about and where all the openings would go. Don't forget to make it the right size! It's actually quite a bit of work for things one might take for granted.

How long does it take to learn Bending?

It depends on the character so milage may vary. The difficulty of Bending depends on a character's mental power and determination. Those who are more physical in nature might find a harder time learning than a character with high mental capabilities. Those with fewer mental blocks will also have an easier time over those who hesitate.

Typically the basics of Bending sustenance and simple familiar things can be done within a week or two with proper practice. There are no hard rules but be realistic with just how your character would do.

My character just can't get it the hang of Bending.

Characters are encouraged to ask around and to help each other with their progress! There's also the Bending School in the Northern District in which veteran characters offer free courses and instruction.

Bending School?

Yup. Your character can learn from instructors who know how it was like to struggle in the beginning. Typically they learn through different sorts of examples and by trying to Bend something simple yet complex, like a wooden box with intricate carvings. It's a nice classroom setting for those who learn best by instruction or who get stuck.

Does my character need to learn Bending?

No. But they would not be able to suddenly be able to use it if they change their mind so they do have to learn to use it. They would have to start from the very beginning just like everyone else.

Remember too that characters with canon powers do not have them and must use Bending to regain them.

My character is not the type to use Bending even if they learn it.

Characters all regard and approach Bending differently. Some use it to instantly fulfill their need while others don't. The levels of usage varies from character to character. For example, Character A might opt to Bend up an entire meal while Character B prefers to Bend up the ingredients for the meal and cook it on his or her own. Bending is merely a tool. It's up to the characters to decide how to use it once they learn it.

What are examples of Bending levels?

Each example will describe things that would be easy at that level plus how two objects - a wooden box and a dress- would possibly turn out if Bended at that level in practice. These are just examples so feel free to come up with your own parallels.
Beginner: Beginners can easily Bend sustenance (ie: food, water, fuel) small simple everyday familiar objects simple clothing, and familiar objects from their world (ie: a hat they wear in canon, their mother's necklace).

The wooden box would be plain and perhaps a little crooked or not feel like wood. The dress would be simple and perhaps poorly constructed; especially if the character are not familiar with how dresses are put together anyways. All aspects of objects Shape and size are tough to nail down.

Intermediate-Beginner: Higher level beginners can Bend medium everyday objects with better precision. They can also Bend larger objects though the success rate goes down with the complexity.

The wooden box will have the right shape and size overall but might lack the right weight. If there are metal hinges, those might not work correctly. The dress' basic construction would be right...even if there might still be some crooked stitches and an uneven hem.

Intermediate-Advanced: Characters at this level will find most Bending easy and not have to put as much thought into skills they've already mastered. This is typically a good level for non-Ascended characters.

The wooden box is properly constructed and opens and closes correctly. If there are carvings, all of them would be perfect. The dress is beautifully crafted and embellishments are all easily added. Perhaps you can make a gown next.

Advanced: Typically Bending in this area deals with more complex things such as making complex machinery, creating life (limited to small creatures only!), and complex healing or body appearance alteration.
Characters can become advanced Benders without Ascending, but their power level is below those of Ascended.

What are "Opposed Bends"?

The battle between wills. Let's say Character A wants to Bend a giant black spike in the Plaza of Waterfalls and Character B doesn't want that.

The two characters are thus locked in a contest of will, with A trying to Bend the spike into reality while B is trying to keep A's Bend from happening. The conclusion of this disagreement ends with the winning character getting what he/she wants. Normally this means the character with the stronger Bending ability will win but this is not absolute if the other character can circumvent that (or get Characters C, D, etc. involved).

We expect the players to resolve these the same way you resolve any combat – logically and calmly. Communicate and get creative! Please consult with the mods if you have any questions.

Bending Restrictions

Are there Bending Restrictions?

Yes and no. As Bending is determined by a matter of will, there's not much that is restricted once Bending level is out of the equation.

Most of what is restricted has to deal with keeping godmodding in check or dealing with the innate will of Character A vs. Character B. It's one thing to change things such as someone's hair style or clothes but it is pretty impossible to change what makes them who they are at their core.

Changing the very nature of another character without their consent typically doesn't work because that character would consciously and unconsciously fight to end to retain what makes them who they are (it's difficult to change one's nature even through one's conscious effort) and thus their will trumps the will of that wants to change that.

This isn't to say that stuff like brainwashing and the like aren't possible, but that is different from using Bending itself.

A non-conclusive list of what Bending isn't generally able to do:
  • Mind Control (you're fighting over the will of another character and they will FIGHT A LOT to stay in control)

  • Sucking out another character's soul (same as above)

  • Alter memories of another character (same as above)

  • Alter the feelings of another character (making them fall in love, have romantic feelings for, take those feelings away, etc. Just like in real life!)
  • When in doubt, consider the Opposed Bend/player vs player Bending rule. If you have any questions, please ask the mod staff.

    What if that character is not aware of the Bending/unconscious/sleeping/out of control/not in their body?

    Characters will unconsciously fight to to retain what makes them who they are and thus their will trumps the will of that wants to change that even if they are unaware of the attempt to manipulate them through Bending.

    Typically such Bending is very noticeable so the character would catch on and then fight against it consciously. There's no way to do it without detection.

    If the case is that the person is outside their body (dead, a spirit, etc), that's a case of body manipulation rather than manipulating them as a character.

    What if my character has mind/soul altering powers though?

    If we didn't nerf them, then your character would be able to use those if they have regained those powers / learned those powers from someone else who did have them (and that we didn't nerf).

    The point is that Bending itself by itself cannot alter another person's will.

    Please consult with other players to avoid godmodding.

    About Canon Powers

    Can I regain canon powers/gain non-canon powers?

    Yes. A character can work on and practice Bending to strengthen their power to the point that it can be used to regain their canon powers if he/she is working on regaining them. The speed in which they can regain their powers depends on their diligence and will.

    Any character can learn to Bend and re-shape reality as well if they strongly desire it. They can obtain powers if they strongly desire it and characters with powers are not limited to gaining only their canonical abilities.

    In essence, 'I think therefore I am' can be taken literally with enough training and willpower. However, it is no cakewalk.

    Bending is very difficult and requires both strong willpower and extreme concentration. While anything can be accomplished with it in theory, it is limited by the mental strength and endurance of a character and their imagination in practice.

    Powers that are originally part of a character are typically easier to regain vs. a new power altogether (think of it as refreshing one's memory vs. learning something completely new). Regaining powers do not need mod approval but please use your best judgement and keep it at a reasonable pace.

    Are characters with canon supernatural powers de-powered as soon as they arrive?

    Yes! Characters do not have access to their canon powers from the moment they Awaken in the game and are thus rendered "normal". Congratulations!

    However, they can build their power back up over time, but it will be a slow process that takes weeks/months. This is because they essentially have to start from scratch and focus on one power at a time.

    A character can regain their powers if he/she works on one power at a time, they can regain that power (and that power alone) within one or two weeks. Be aware that this is an rough estimate of time and the actual time depends on how powerful and complex their known power is. Then they work on the next power, and the next, etc.

    I don't want superpowers. I want my character to remain as-is/ I want to get rid of a power!

    Sure! That's the nature of Bending: if your character doesn't desire or outright refuses to believe they'll get powers, then they won't. If a character doesn't wish to regain their powers, they will not. The city doesn't force characters to take on abilities that they do not wish to.

    Character that gain a power and wish to get rid of it later are able to but that takes time and focus as it did to gain it. It has become a part of them and so they must work at believing that it is no longer part of them both consciously and unconsciously. It's all about about expectation shaping the way that the powers affect a character.

    What about if the character's powers are entirely natural, no magic involved? (ie: wings for flight, strength, etc.)

    Abilities that are natural to a character tend to be nerfed (amounts to be determined on case-by-case basis). Typically this would mean that they will not be able to use that ability to the fullest extent at first but everything else would work just fine since they are natural abilities.

    For example, giant robots are still giant robots even if some of their weapons systems go offline. Or perhaps those with wings can only fly at a low altitude or speed in the beginning.

    What if the character's abilities were given to them (not innate)? Do they still have to Bend it back?

    Yes, they would.

    For example, Lelouch was bestowed a Geass power back in his world by another person. Upon arrival, the Geass did not work, leaving him to Bend the ability back completely. While it may take time and energy, it won't be too difficult for to get it working again if they want it back as they are already familiar with how it worked in their world.

    Reality Storms and City Shifts

    What are Reality Storms?

    A Reality Storm is when a character, a character's presence, or an event triggers a large, cascading series of related reality shifts that affect the city's inhabitants in part or in whole. Sometimes there's a direct correlation while other times it is more general.

    Something a Storm has basis within current conditions in the city that cause a large build up and then release of Chaos. Storms are due to the buildup of Chaos and not by Nautilus.

    The Lantern Corps Storm: Razer is part of the Lantern Corps in his canon. Nautilus decides he needs more company so everyone affected gets a lantern and a battery (and goes crazy, depending on the emotion and the ring) Fun times were had by all.

    Nautilus Academy Storm: the presence of characters of high school age triggered a Storm where affected characters believed they were in a high school with no recollection of their own pasts.

    The Zombie Storm: Hazel Bentley experimented with some of Rip van Winkle's blood in the name of science. Cue a a week long siege against Nautilus by the legions of the undead from various canons.
    There is always an underlying reason for Reality Storms though they seem random.

    There are also often there are warning signs in the week before the Storm hits that affect only Angelii. Typically these signs function as a prelude to a Storm but doesn't reveal exact nature of the Storm. For example, in the week before people started turning into cats for the Purr-fect Storm, Angelii were compelled to groom themselves excessively.

    If Angelii can pinpoint and show the Storm's trigger to an Ashura, the Ashura can correct it and cause the storm to subside.

    Do Storms have an affect on Bending, Travel, and Communication?

    Storms do affect the way people can Bend and use their devices since Storms are tied to unusual Chaos activities but they don't always follow the same pattern.

    In most instances, those who are affected will not be able to use Bending normally because their physical or mental states are altered. Those who are not affected normally have their Bending powers unaltered but will not be able to stop the Storm or its effects on the affected.

    Communication is normally unaltered in Storms but sometimes it can become disrupted or even unable to be used depending on the Storm and the nature of Chaos present in the city.

    The Western Gate is also normally open for Wakened to seek shelter from the Storms' effects, but sometimes it is closed through the duration of the storm and those who wish to escape the storm's effects will have to do so prior to its start (OOC knowledge).

    Each Storm's event information will have a list of what is altered and what is not, as well as a detailed explanation of what each status means. (ie: Affected Wakened Bending: Off, Unaffected Wakened Bending: On, Western Gate: Open, Communications: Normal) so please check the event pages for details on the Storm's conditions.

    What are City Shifts?

    City Shifts are shifts in reality caused by Nautilus (as opposed to Chaos being funneled in through the city as is the case with Reality Storms).

    Nautilus is a chaotic and constantly shifting city. The thoughts, dreams, and experiences of the characters in it cause things to change through subconscious Bending. This is why a character might get a familiar possession (a book, their house, a familiar street) when he/she first arrives.

    On the other hand, the city has a twisted sense of humor, so it's just as likely to rain pie or have letters from your character's dead wife show up as it is to do something nice for you.

    Must my character be affected by a reality storm/city shift?

    No. Characters can either be unaffected by the mental changes of a Reality Storm (since they can strike characters at random) or seek shelter in the city Helix before the Storm hits or during the Storm if it does not change their mental state or if the city isn't blocked off.

    Characters affected by Reality Storms are unable to Bend. Ashura can break themselves out of the effects of a Reality Storm if they come to realize that they've been affected.

    City shifts are a little harder to avoid since they're usually unexpected.

    We suggest that character experience Reality Storms in some way be it through their own experience or through dealing with other characters that are.

    Why is Helix not affected by Storms?

    1) It's out of the way of most of the Chaos that sweeps through Nautilus (which is sitting right on top of Chaos).

    2) Bending works differently in Helix than in Nautilus.

    How do I get to Helix to take shelter?

    Through the West gate as long as the way there remains open and if the cities are linked together. Helix is not permanently fixed to Nautilus after all.