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[FAQ] Applications

Applications FAQ

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Application Guidelines

Character Guidelines: Canon Characters

Character Guidelines: Original Characters

Canon and Original Character Restrictions and Limits

Playable Characters' Items
Use of Character History and Samples

Why can't I…?

Recycling Applications and Re-Applying

Outward Appearances

The Fourth Wall

Application Guidelines

What types of apps do you accept?

We accept applications for both characters from established media canons as well as original characters.

When are applications open/closed?

Applications are always open.

Are there reserves?

Yes. Reserves are always open. Reserves do not guarantee acceptance and only serve to express an interest in a character and a desire to app. Reserves last two weeks from the reserve request. One can ask for an extension if it is needed.

Can I challenge an application?

No. Applications are first come, first serve in terms of us looking at them.

Can I use an application and/or samples that I used for a previous game?

No. Please refer to the Recycling Applications and Re-Applying section for more information.

How often are applications processed?

Applications are usually processed once a week (usually by Saturday after the application period has closed, but not always), and it takes three mods to do so, so answers typically are sent out by Tuesday. We apologize for any delay which may result, as the mods are not guaranteed to be on the same schedule.

How long do I have if I need to revise my application?

You have a week to submit revisions.

Character Guidelines: Canon Characters

What is the character limit?

Players are initially limited to playing three (3) characters. They can all be from different fandoms but the cap is raised based on individual player's activity and ability to handle more.

After you pass your first activity check with three characters, the cap is raised to four (4). It is raised again to five (5)after the second successful activity check.

Currently six (6) is the maximum a single player can play in The Wake but that may change if we believe an interested player has proven capable of handling even more than that while maintaining all six characters well.

Does the two characters rule count for those from different stories within the same franchise?

No. You are allowed to apply for characters that do not belong to the same game but belong to the same overall franchise.


app two characters from Final Fantasy X
app two from Final Fantasy X and one from Final Fantasy VI
app three from Final Fantasy X

Remember that applying for two characters from the same fandom is only acceptable if there is minimal (or zero) canon interaction.

I’m playing two characters from the same fandom, and it’d be OOC for them to ignore each other! Help?

This is something that can be avoided before it even happens.

Please note that the maximum number of characters per mun for each fandom is two (2). The number of characters per franchise is up to the mun's discretion.

If you think Character No. 2 would interact a LOT with Character No. 1, don’t app Character No. 2. Let someone else do it. However, don’t make an entire plot all with only your characters.

This is a multiplayer roleplay game, not a fanfiction writing session. Use your best judgement when choosing your characters.

However, if you are playing two characters, we understand a little bit of rare muncest can be unavoidable. If your characters MUST interact, it’s okay to write logs, or to have a third character (played by someone else) mitigate the interaction.

I want to play a character from something newly/recently released!

Good for you! However to make it fair for everyone to have ample time to be exposed to this new canon, characters from such will not be appable until a month after the initial release.

Also, in regards to untranslated canons, if there are known plans for a domestic release in the near future, then the same rule applies and any characters from it will only be open for application a month after that release.

Will my character be able to regain ALL their powers?

Most powers will be able to be regained. However, mods will have the final say if a power must be left out of play or altered in some way to allowed. There are some powers that we must nerf or negate in order to preserve game mechanics or an even playing field but these are case-by-case.

Character Guidelines: Original Characters


BECAUSE WE WANT TO TEST YOU Since all OCs must be from original universes without a prior reference point, the mods require more information about your character's universe than about universes that have already been published/broadcasted/etc.

We are able to consult Wikipedia, fandom friends, or our own knowledge of preexisting fandom characters and worlds. In this case, we only have your word to go on to fully understand your character. Thus, we need more info.

How much OC information is too much?

As a rule of thumb, you do not need to write a whole novel but you do need to make the information pertinent and clear so elements do not become confusing. The less questions we have after reading the application, the better.

Try to summarize as best you can but don't skimp on details and be certain that the information all makes sense and doesn't contradict or skip over important details. Details help make sense of the OC's present status. If you're not sure, try to pitch your application to someone who doesn't know your OC and see if they can properly understand your character and their world.

Can my OC be from a tabletop game?

If they have a fleshed-out history, personality, and an original world setting (not set in a pre-existing canon), sure.

Can my OC be an OC based off of an MMORPG main character avatar?

No. Having an OC protagonist character from a canon world automatically makes the character a Fandom OC (which we do not allow in The Wake).

When they are inserted into the story their choices have the power to offset canon world events, changing how the main story runs and how the canon characters react to such changes. And when there are players RPing as the canon characters, it forces them to change what has already been established. Canon complications and godmodding – not a good thing since godmodding is not allowed.

Can I app an OC from another roleplay game with pervious history?

No. As we have stated before, we do not allow characters with history from another game. This includes OCs.

What is the consensus on "Portrayed By" (PB) characters?

They're fine as long as you don't decide to change them in the middle of game-play. It starts to get confusing when everyone starts changing their faces...

Canon and Original Character Restrictions and Limits

Can I play my self-insert?

No. This will result in a ban.

Can I play my Fandom OC?

No. This will also result in a ban.

Can I play a quiet/mute character?

Yes. You'll have to get creative with how you do your posts and interactions, but it's acceptable to apply for a quite/mute character.

Please note that every character in this game must meet the Activity Check requirements every month regardless of their natures.

Can we app a character that is not distinctly/decidedly human? (like a non-talking animal)

Yes, if the character possesses an extensive background and a distinct personality which includes a sense of self and a higher level of understanding than the average animal. This will, however, be decided on a case-by-case basis.


Missile from Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is okay because he is a distinct character that is self-aware and has a distinct personality and history that is based on his canon and media that he is depicted in.
Mochi from Big Hero 6 is not because he's an ordinary pet cat who is not self-aware. Any personality and huge chunks of his history would be considered to be primarily 'headcanon' rather than things actively depicted in the media that he is from.

Can we app dead characters?

Yes. Characters can be taken from any point in their canon, even from or after the moment of their death.

An Awakened who has died is assumed to have Awoken on the moment of their death, but may not have immediately come to Nautilus. If they are in such a state, they can move about their canon in a spirit form but (as stated in the section about Awakening) will be unable to interact with others in their canon (even if it is normal for other characters to speak with the dead).

Can we app real living people?


Can we app dead historical figures?

No. Just as actual living people cannot be applied for, neither can actual people from history. However, fictional interpretations of a historical figure from a television series, video game, anime, book, or film are fine.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart of Amadeus is okay because he is from a fictitious piece of media and is a fictitious interpretation of the real Mozart.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself is not okay because he was not a fictional character.

Can we app religious figures?

No. However, clearly fictional interpretations of a religious figure from a television series, video game, anime, book, or film are fine. Mods have final say in whether such a character is able to be played in game or not so please ask if you are uncertain.


Jesus Christ from the anime and manga Saint Young Men is fine.
Jesus Christ from the Bible or The Passion of the Christ film is not.

Moses from The Prince of Egypt is fine.
Moses from the Bible is not.

Can I app someone who has multiple personalities?

Yes. Characters with multiple personalities are applicable and their personalities must come together as a whole package. You are not able to pick just one of the personalities. All personalities must be put in play in a balanced manner.

My character has multiple personalities, but I don't play the other side(s) very often. Is it okay to leave the other personalities out?

No. When a character Wakes, all of their personalities Wake with them. Given the fact these personalities coexist within the same mental space, they would not be able to function properly without each other.

If one personality doesn't Wake with the others, then the character doesn't Wake at all. All of them must come for the ride and be represented clearly in game even if there is player bias towards one or the other.

Can I play a pregnant character?

The short answer is "no." Characters are unable to reproduce in [community profile] thewake, nor can they give birth as a Wakened. They would be considered individual people, and as with all characters would have to choose whether to answer the Call to Wake or to remain in Sleep.

All Wakened start off as Dreamers. No Wakened are born Awake.

Can I play different (alternate) versions of the same character, like Spiderman and Ultimate Spiderman?

Our apologies, but no. The Wake is not an AU jam jar game and if we allowed for alternate universe incarnations, it'd get weird and hard to control.

Usually the best way to determine whether or not a character is an alternate universe version of one we already have is to think of all canon continuities of various types (movies, comics, cartoons, etc.) as different realities.

Canon Clones, such as the Dark Turtles from TMNT: Fast Forward, season six of the 2003 TMNT series. Or Riku Replica from Kingdom Hearts.

2012 series TMNT Leonardo in the game at the same time as Dark Leo from the 2003 series. (2012 Leonardo is the counterpart to 2003 series Leonardo, whereas the cloned Dark Leo is not an alternate reality parallel version to either.)

Same Characters, Different Realities G1 cartoon Optimus Prime and Transformers Animated Optimus Prime are somewhat different from one another but they are still parallel characters existing in different realities and thus cannot be in the game at the same time.

Canon AUs, such as the alternate human world from the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls movies. Though the Human Mane Five are different in some ways from their pony counterparts, they are still parallel versions of not only the pony versions of them, but also the IDW comic versions of them as well. So an Equestria Girls version of Rarity cannot be apped in if there is already one Rarity.

We realize all this probably sounds complicated, but this was the best way to explain via examples.

If you're not sure if a character is allowed because we already have one in game that might be an AU version, feel free to contact the mod/help staff team or post your question here on the FAQ page and we'll be glad to help sort things out! We know continuities can become extremely messy through reboots, retcons or other means and may need to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Can we app more than one character from the same television series/film/book/anime/video game/etc.?

For your own personal sanity and to avoid constant "player incest" (muncest), it would be best to limit characters from the same canon to one or two.

Can I app a future version of a canon character?

Yes, if it is based on available canon information. You cannot apply for a future version based on headcanon. That would be too close to becoming a fandom OC character which is not allowed in The Wake (and is bannable).

Is it okay if we app a character with little history and fill it in with exploratory information/headcanon?

Characters with minimal background histories will be considered on a case-by-case basis. While it is fine to include some headcanon to flesh out a character, it should not be excessive filler. The exploratory history itself should not overtake what's already stated as canon.

Can I play a character who has different source materials to work with?

Please stick with one source for the initial application. However, all other available source material can be explored during Nautilus' Reality Storms.

Can we play characters with official AU canons?

If it is an official AU canon, then yes.

Can I app this obscure character no one knows about?

This will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If there is enough canon material to work with, then it is possible. However, it is up to mod discretion if the character is viable or not.

Can we app "main (player) characters"?

If the main characters have efficient backgrounds and other available supplementary canon resources to help flesh them out, yes. If they are 100% blank slate, no.

Playable Characters' Items

Can a character bring their toys/weapons/laptops from home?

Yes. We only ask that whatever you bring be actually PORTABLE. Pushing or Driving it doesn't count. Your character has to be able to physically carry it on their own.

Also, no duplicates. You can't bring your Special Sword of Shiny Awesome, and then go back again and bring back another copy of it. This is not a video game!

The item must also exist in your character's canon so it cannot be made up or from a different character's canon or from an AU canon.

The other limit on this is that you cannot carry an object in if the object in question is an independent character on its own (because that trait makes it an app-able character).


Han Solo of Star Wars can bring his blaster pistol because he can carry it unaided.
However, he cannot bring the Millennium Falcon because he cannot carry it unaided.

Ryuko of Kill la Kill can bring her Scissor Blade because it is not a potentially playable character.
However, she could not bring in her outfit Senketsu because he is potentially a playable character.

What if a character brings in an object that is portable and has the ability to work with said character's powers? (ie: Sailor Moon's transformation brooch, Harry Potter's wand)

The object in question will not function, but the powers associated with it can be regained over time just as normal powers do with the character's Bending training.

Thus, any "magical" sort of tool doesn't function on its own but it can be used to help channel a Wakened's focus to use their Bending through that object.

A good analogy is how Dumbo's 'Magic Feather' did not contain any actual magic to aid in his ability to fly but helped him gain the confidence to fly.

Basic mechanical objects will function properly. Things like weapons would come with little to no ammo.

Can a character come in with a sidekick or familiar that they had in canon? They're always together as a set!

No. Awakening is a private thing so they will Awaken alone.

If your character has a sidekick/familiar, the city can potentially give them back in time as a gift (i.e. a request can be made on the State of The Game (SOTG)).

The one exception to this is if the sidekick/familiar is its own sentient character that can be applied for on their own. Then they will be treated as such and not as an add-on.

If the character possesses an extensive background and a distinct personality which includes a sense of self and a higher level of understanding than a non-playable familiar, then they are considered able to be a playable character and cannot be given as a gift.

Harry Potter can be given his owl Hedwig because she is a non-playable character.
Sabrina the Teenage Witch cannot be given her cat Salem because he is a playable character.

Use of Character History and Samples

Can I include history from a previous game in my character application?

No. It would be better to take the character fresh from their canon source without any previous game relationship complications. That way you can build character relations and in-game knowledge from the ground up.

I have some threads going on in a Test Drive/Meme/Musebox/Dear Mun/Dear Player Post. Can I use these threads for my first- and third-person samples on the app?

No. While it's useful for seeing how a character interacts with other characters, we expect to see something more introspective. Which means writing everything from scratch. You can do it, I know you can.

Why can't I...?

Why can’t I play my fandom OC? What if I put a lot of thought into my character?

Fandom OCs are not allowed in The Wake. Even if your character has a well-rounded (and possibly flawed) sentient being, they are still coming from a canon world where they are constantly in contact with canon characters. This alone is basically self-insertion which is also not allowed.

As mentioned in the rules, we do not allow Fandom OCs because use of these characters crosses into fanfic writing, godmodding territory, and it blurs the line that separates the use of the two separate character applications.

This also becomes "godmodding" (also not allowed) because players who play canon characters would have to alter their storylines to include the Fandom OC and that introduces a lot of complications.

Why can’t my OC interact with my fandom character?

Because this would be known as "player incest" or "muncest." Or, to be frank, fanfic writing. The Wake isn't the sort of environment for this particular sort of interaction but we wish you luck elsewhere!

Recycling Applications and Re-Applying

What's the policy on recycling apps?

Applications written prior to submission to The Wake is fine as long as they are tweaked to be suit the requirements for The Wake (ie: meets suitable amounts of information, meets word counts, no AU, no game-specific submissions for other games).

We do need game-specific samples for The Wake so we do not take recycled samples.

What if we dropped recently from the game?

If you're re-applying for a character that has been in Nautilus before, they will need a bit of Nautilus background included in their history section.

Will my character still have his/her Ascended status in-game if I re-app an Ascended character?

This depends on how active the character was with their Ascended status and how long a player has been away from the game. This will be taken on a case-by-case basis.

New players seeking to apply for a dropped Ascended character (not the original player who originally played that character) are not able to have the Ascended status.

Outward Appearances and Fourth-Walling

I'm playing a Nobody/Robot/Vampire/Animal/Zombie/other non-human. Do they become human upon Waking?

They won't. However, the Reality Storms which sweep across Nautilus can change that; and a character can also use Bending to change their physical form into anything they can imagine.

Does my character still retain all of their physical disabilities/abnormalities?

Yes, characters would retain all physical disabilities/abnormalities that they have in canon (from their taken canon point) when they first arrive in Nautilus. Edward from Fullmetal Alchemist would come in without his arm and leg, Professor X from X-Men would arrive without the ability to use his legs, Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame comes in with his back unaltered, etc.

The Fourth Wall

Can I break the fourth wall/have knowledge of other fandoms in-game?

Is your character known for breaking the Fourth Wall? Sure – the Gintama, Lucky Star, Aoi House characters, etc. all do this quite often.

If your OC will be doing this, be sure to mention it in the app. PLEASE ASK PLAYERS BEFORE YOU BREAK THE FOURTH WALL FOR THEM. We don’t need Ichigo having an unwanted existential crisis because Gintoki fanboys him.

Be sure to get permission from ALL the player's castmates (if they have any) before breaking the Fourth Wall.

What if my character doesn’t expressly know of something in canon, but it makes sense?

That's fine but just be reasonable. Inuyasha would not know who Batman is but Harry Potter very well could. If you have any doubt about it, just ask the mods and other players in your fandom.