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[PREMISE] The Wake

The Wake is a panfandom fantasy journal-based roleplaying game.

It is played in real-time (save for forward/backdated entries/events) and goes by Pacific Standard Time (UTC -8:00)

It contains an overarching interactive metaplot that is balanced with and influenced by the interactions of the players.


The Wake Premise

It starts with a feeling that something is off.

The colors around you seem wrong and filtered. Sounds seem distant and artificial. You start to get the feeling that you're trapped in a dream you can't wake from – that nothing is real.

You may try to explain this to your friends and loved ones, if you have any...but you're unable to get the words out. So you try and break from the routine. If you're a hero, you may try to hurt someone. If you are a villain, you may try to do some good. But you can't.

Your life is on rails. You can't break free. You're a prisoner trapped in your own body, in a life that no longer seems to have purpose. Until you hear a voice.

Wake, the voice says. And that is all. You reach out with your heart towards that voice; that voice which promises freedom, escape...

And then you Wake.

Welcome to Nautilus, the City of Change.

A place where willpower is the key to true strength, and you can change the very fabric of reality. Welcome to a city where even the most average can become extraordinary.

Welcome to the real world.

There are many tasks awaiting you in this city: some great, some small. What will you choose to do with the endless possibilities at your feet?

Come, Dreamer. Bring it closer to the Wake.


Characters arrive in the City of Nautilus, having unconsciously answered The Call to Awaken. They find that the worlds and even the universes that they had originated from worlds inside the swirl that is Chaos; a whirlpool of unlimited possibility. Worlds that were Dreaming within Sleep.

Because such worlds are Dreaming, any powers that characters possess in canon are not truly bound to them and thus do not come with them upon Awakening. The one true power that exists in the realm of the Wakened is Bending: the power to bend reality itself with willpower and diligence.

Of course, one can choose to Bend their powers back into existence but any Wakened can learn to Bend their own realities be it a reality of their past or one that will shape their future. Those who have changed greatly – for better or worse – in the eyes of Nautilus are granted Ascension to ranks of Angelii and Ashura: statuses that unlock greater power and abilities as well as the ability to fix Dreaming worlds.

However, Bending does not lie only with the recent Wakened. There are beings – Deva and Aeons – that have had the luxury of playing with Bending for millions of years. Those who have existed before the use of The Call and have Awakened on their own. Some use this power for good: creating worlds and guarding the city of Nautilus. Others use it to seek destruction of the established multiverse and to shape it to their own liking. These beings are neither inherently good nor bad but are the products of their own journeys of existence.

The newly Wakened – the first in nine million years – have started on their own path and only time will tell just how this new world will shape them. Or how they will shape it.

Nautilus is the City of Change. How will you change?


This game is semi plot-heavy and is driven by player interactions, monthly events, and overarching metaplot. Whether a player chooses to be extremely active in shaping the game or let it shape them, there is something for everyone.

Players are encouraged to explore and to develop their own characters' paths as well as influence the evolution of the game through character interaction and plot participation. Characters are able to choose just how to use their Bending, be it ignore it or to use the most of it.

There is a monthly Activity Check for one cannot develop without active participation.

It is rated R (16+, older teen)