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NPC Listing

NPC Listing
For further information and details on these characters, refer to the NPC page on the Wake Wiki

Last updated: June 11th, 2017


[personal profile] antovil
Deva of Direction

A somewhat serious sort with an underlying sense of humor. Often a lighthouse. A Former Ashura of Isis.

[personal profile] areva
Deva of Thrills

A free-spirited and mischievous Deva who fully embraces la joie de vivre and is always on the move. Former Ashura of Elation.

[personal profile] fated_hand
Deva of Temptation

A mysterious young boy. Liaison to the Dark Aeon prior to its unmaking. Caused trouble among the Wakened and cheated his way to Devahood using Isis' Essence.


[ profile] viridian_rogue
[Former] Deva of Green

Twin brother of Isis. Former Scion of the North and the cause of the War of Kalliste.

[Former] Deva of Change

An Aeon upon which Nautilus was built by Cyrus. Now a living city for newly Wakened that hangs from Kalliste over the swirl of Chaos.

[ profile] auric_centurion
[Former] Deva of the Sun

Former Scion of the West. Brought Helix to Nautilus before Ascending to Aeon.


[personal profile] in_yur_space
Deva of Personal Space

A Feles who enjoys indulging in feline activities and hanging around and helping people. Seemingly nosy but personable. Was the youngest Deva in Nautilus, but then he went back home.

[ profile] azure_regis
Deva of Change

Secretly made the City of Nautilus after the War. Known as The Emperor but let the Wakened govern themselves. Destroyed by Starscream.

[ profile] aeon_nightmare
Aeon of Darkness

An Aeon that split Nautilus into two copies of itself and attempted to devour it. Unmade by Wakened.

Deva of Riddles

Not much is known other than he/she fell in battle during the War of Kalliste.

[ profile] singing_frog
Deva of Music

A trickster spirit that resided in Nautilus but ultimately betrayed the Wakened for his own amusement. Formerly Ashura of Song.

◆ ISIS ◆
[ profile] violet_sentinel
Deva of Glass

Former Scion of the South obsessed with total Order and sought to destroy Nautilus having failed to bring the city to her side. Twin sister of Ameras. Former Ashura of Winds. Unmade by Wakened.

◆ JIN ◆
[ profile] claret_tinkerer
Deva of Balance

Cyrus' former Ashura that undid the bonds on Ameras' memories. Unmade by Isis while gathering intel outside the city. Former Ashura of Clockwork.

[ profile] makeit_cute
Deva of Flowers

A lover of all things cute and delicate. Killed and absorbed by Hekket during the attack of the Dark Aeon. Formerly Ashura of Petals under Isis and Deva in Nautilus.

[personal profile] judging_eyes
Deva of Judgement

A Scion of Anubis. Polite but a bit eccentric. He is possibly the most level-headed of the bunch. Went back to his world.

[personal profile] neriae
Deva of Bubbles

A perceptive being that appeared dreamy and peaceful. Killed by Nash (who was under Hekket's influence) during the attack of the Dark Aeon. Formerly an Ashura of Isis and Deva in Nautilus.

Deva of Second Chances

Not much is known other than he fell in battle during the War of Kalliste.

[personal profile] slaybells
robotic St. Nicholas

An evil animatronic that terrorized the City of Nautilus twice during the winter holidays. He, his team of robot reindeer, and his sleigh plummeted into the sea after a fierce battle with Wakened.

[personal profile] ursaems
Deva of Entropy

A doctor who had become twisted by events of his world as well as the War. Sought to plunge all of existence into Chaos to begin everything anew. False Deva of Renewal. Formerly Ashura of Remedy under Solaris. Pulled into Chaos by the Labyrinth.

Deva of Ice

Former Scion of the East. Fell during battle in the War of Kalliste.

[ profile] 100below
Deva of Ash

A cold and frightening man forced to walk the Labyrinth during the War. He resided in the Labyrinth to help the Wakened. Killed and absorbed by Hekket. Former Ashura of Regeneration.

[ profile] without_mazes
Ashura of Stone

A snarky and sharp-tongued man. Formerly an Ashura under Solaris. Fell in battle during the Battle of Kalliste.


[personal profile] amior
Ursaems' little sister

A little girl that appeared sometime after Arcas was introduced. She is merely an Awakened.

[personal profile] now_trending
The New Humanity

Adorable little beings who have appeared in Nautilus and taken up the job of weather forecasting because it seemed like fun. They love sweets. Their numbers increase when they have fun and diminish when they are depressed. Went to stay at Helix after not being seen by the Wakened in so long.

[ profile] yellowcurse
Deva of Hexes

A bizarre flying yellow shark with buckteeth. Never to be taken seriously. Guardian and herder of the City of Pillow.

[personal profile] walkmyhalls
The Ferryman

The physical embodiment of a very specific part of Chaos which resides under Nautilus but sometimes roams the city. Approaching or being approached by this fills a Wakened with utter dread.

◆ PINK ◆
[personal profile] pinkpawprint
Clue Searcher

A lovable not-familiar-at-all dog from the simple world of Pink's Clues. She lived with her friend Steven and the Handy Dandy Notepad (Deva of Notes) until Ursaems destroyed her world. Was saved by Areva and brought to Arcas.

[ profile] plus_tip
The Paper Boy

A confident young teen full of moxie. Delivered the daily papers to all Wakened without fail and always collected his dues. Last seen chasing after Hekket to collect his two dollars.

[ profile] auric_centurion

A normal Wakened that served Solaris. He is very dedicated to his work with a keen eye for detail and organization. He resides in Helix but hasn't been seen for a long time.

* Whereabouts and Status unknown.

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