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Wake History

The Wake History

What you learn here today, use tomorrow and pass on to future generations of Wakened as they arrive. As long as no one ever forgets how all of this came to be and why we're here, this city will thrive. Forget...and stagnation, the enemy of Change, may overtake you all. - Ratchet

FAQ Index
Index of Information

The Beginning
Nautilus' First Year
City of Glass
Dark City and Dark Aeon
Personal Space, Thrills and Judgement
Agents of Entropy
Genesis of Nature

The Beginning
Over Nine Million Years Ago

In the beginning, there was the Void. In the Void was Chaos, and in Chaos was Possibility. Chaos was the sum of endless possibility: everything that ever was, is, and will be exists simultaneously in the vortex of Chaos.

Something conscious existed this swirl of infinite possibilities. This something was the Light. The Light shone on Chaos and caused Possibilities to still, solidify, and become reality wherever the Light touched. These solidified possibilities were the first worlds.

There was life in those first worlds and as they lived and evolved, eventually a few became conscious that there was something more beyond their worlds. These beings - known as Dreamers - reached beyond their own worlds and became the first Wakened.

Even back then, the order of Ascension the same: Dreamers awakened. Wakened became Angelii. Angelii became Ashura. And Ashura eventually became Deva who would Ascend to Aeon. Change was the key component to the progression as it currently is though the direct catalyst in those days is largely unknown (though many speculate that it stemmed from Light itself.)

At first, there was little order. The Wakened did as they pleased but they eventually grew weary and bored of an aimless existence and came to realize after a while that they had the power to do more with themselves and to help the multiverse at large. As they Ascended, they created their own rules. A Council was formed and Kalliste - the City of Glass - was built.

Those who Ascended to Deva took it upon themselves to bind and solidify Possibilities to create new worlds as the Light did. In time, more Wakened came along of their own volition as the first Wakened did and the cycle of Ascension continued.

The Stalled Cycle and Aaron's Proposal

In his own time as a Deva, Aaron was elected to the Council along with his twin sister, Isis. They became two of the Four Scions, South and North, the other two being Solaris, Scion of the West and Deva of the Sun, and Ymrias, Scion of the East and Deva of Ice.

Eventually, Aaron began to notice that something was wrong – no new Wakened were appearing. Still, existing Wakened continued to Ascend to Angelii, then to Ashura, then to Deva...and then Deva on to Aeons.

Those who didn't continue along this path fell back Asleep or were permanently destroyed while navigating and working about the multiverse. Some suspected something sinister about the way those who were seemingly Unmade but there was little or no proof of foul play at that time.

Either way, the way of the Wakened was facing an inevitable heat death if there were no new Wakened to fill the growing space of those who had fallen.

In time, this troubling issue became a topic of debate in the Senate. Aaron felt he couldn't let any more time than necessary pass without more Wakened appearing. Their numbers were dwindling, after all. So he proposed that they stop waiting for Wakened to arrive on their own...

“And Call them to Wake, instead.”

Solaris didn't care for the idea and felt that if they waited long enough, the problem would fix itself. Isis and Ymrias agreed with him. Aaron was not satisfied and thus rallied supporters. Still, that wasn't enough to overturn the Senate's decision.

Aaron had not known at the time that Isis had swayed the Council into believing that Aaron's ideas were wrong with her charisma and falsified evidence. Not only that, but she had also been the cause of the halt of the arrival of newly Wakened.

It was all a conspiracy meant to begin a war. A conspiracy that to prove that the collective chaos that came with the existence of many free-thinking individuals caused the multiverse to spin out of control. A conspiracy to prove that this multiverse needed order: her vision of Order.

Unfortunately, her plan worked.

The War of Kalliste

Met with the Senate's refusal to listen, Aaron began a revolution to make his point and to clear what he thought was greed and corruption within the Senate. He fought the stubborn old ways of the Senate and their blindness to possibility, splitting the Wakened into two camps. The war waged between all Wakened left no one unscathed.

Many were killed or returned to Sleep and there were those who were completely Unmade, their essences forever wiped from reality. In the end, however, Aaron and his supporters lost.

In the end, only four known Deva remained: Aaron, Cyrus, Isis, and Solaris.

So many Wakened voluntarily returned to Sleep because they wanted no part of the corruption that war had brought. Aaron may have regretted what he had brought upon the Wakened. At the very least, he called it foolish.

Aaron was sentenced to having his Deva status and powers stripped away, all his memories of being a Deva removed. They cut him down to a newly Wakened and bound him to the newly Ascended Scion of the East: the young Deva of Change, Cyrus.

The Call to Awaken in the City of Change

Time passed and no new worlds were created. There were too few Deva and it was a tremendous strain to maintain those that already existed. Still, new Wakened did not appear.

Cyrus herself became concerned and she turned to Jin Shahrivar to undo the seals on Aaron's power. Unfortunately, the seals proved too powerful and only his memories could be unlocked. Aaron wanted to die for all that he had caused but Cyrus forgave him. She also believed in Aaron's idea and that it was time to Call for the Wakened.

However, she chose not to present the idea again before the Senate. Doing so would be a direct challenge to their previous decision and risk the move being stopped by multiple roadblocks and perhaps even another war breaking out. Time was of the essence and she had to prove to Isis and Solaris that Aaron's idea of calling Dreamers to awaken was right.

She secretly located the Aeon Nautilus and built the city around it. The city was hidden - held to and below Kalliste by a collection of chains - from Solaris and Isis until it was completed. Solaris came to believe that Aaron had originally been in the right once he saw the growing city thriving. He valued hard work and personal progress gained through one's own effort and saw that the newly Wakened were quick to embrace those values as well. The success of this city was enough to convince Solaris that times had changed and that the Call was integral to the progress of the Wakened. Isis, on the other hand, was not convinced , and disappeared shortly after Nautilus was unveiled.

Those who Awoke in Nautilus were the first Wakened in nine million years since Isis' meddling of the system. And those who answered the Call initially were meant to continue the cycle of Ascent to keep the multiverse functioning as well as to fulfill one other purpose.

But first, let's talk about Nautilus.

Nautilus’ First Year

Nautilus in the Beginning

Nautilus is the City of Change. A city of Greek and Art Nouveau architectural design with accents of blue and silver lacing the buildings and spiral motifs everywhere. It was suspended below Kalliste through a series of twenty four golden chains: four main ones at each gate and then twenty minor ones divided evenly between the four main chains. One might have the sense that the city was a blank slate waiting to be written upon despite everything being complete.

In that first week, the city was uniform from one district to the next. There was no sun, no moons, no day and no night. There was no ocean to the East, no forest to the South and no plains to the North. The outer gate to the North only led out of the city and away from, not to Kalliste with the twist of a dial. The outer gate in the West only led out, as well, and not into Helix.

In the center of the city was The Spire and around it was the hedge maze that likely represented the Labyrinth. A tall wall separated the maze and The Spire from the rest of Nautilus. That was the domain of The Emperor...or rather the one that the Wakened learned to call Cyrus, the Deva of Change.

Cyrus - initially called The Emperor - was an overseer rather than a ruler of Nautilus with the aid of her two Ashura, Jin Shahrivar and Aaron de Bertilak. She was present to advise and guide, never to rule. She expected the newly Wakened govern themselves from the start.

The Fall of Cyrus

In the few short months that Cyrus governed, the city began to change, influenced by those of us who lived here. In order to help purge the first reality storm that struck Nautilus - a storm of nightmares brought to life - the District of the Fallen to the South became the District of Forests. Cyrus also created the ocean and coastline to the East. However, there were those here who weren't satisfied with the ability to alter reality, as well as the gifts and guidance provided.

The Wakened Starscream - with two accomplices - entered the Spire and destroyed the Deva of Change with the intention of seizing control of Nautilus. Darkness fell over the city for days after. Shadow creatures stalked the streets. Acid rained from the skies. The water in the canals disappeared and the ocean dried up. Starscream's want for power poisoned the city while he remained connected to it in Cyrus' stead within The Spire.

It was never a Wakened's place to hold sway over Nautilus, however. An impossible feat that eventually caused Starscream to go mad and perhaps even regret his actions. But regret does not undo what has been done. Regardless, Cyrus's influence is still seen and heard afterwards. Her image returned briefly on the one year anniversary of the Wakened's first arrival.

Future Aaron's Message

In the two months that followed Cyrus' demise, there were other challenges to be met and other changes to Nautilus as more Wakened arrived and others left.

The reality storm that struck Nautilus early in July of that year caused a time slide effect. Many Wakened slid either forward or backward along their personal time lines. Some became young while others became older. Those who went forward in time gained knowledge of possible futures, but only if certain events took place. In essence: both true and alternate timelines were viable.

One of those to experience such a shift was Aaron himself. This future version of Aaron was pinned upside down to a tree made of iron and glass leaves. He was held up by glass shards and his eyes had been removed and replaced with emeralds.

This future Aaron revealed a second purpose for Awakening. His message came, ironically, through Blitzwing, one of those who had helped slay Cyrus. His message became clear that his sister Isis was still at large. She had become even more twisted over time, obsessed with casting everything in her version of perfect Order.

The Future Aaron warned that time was short and that war was coming. The future of the Wakened and the very future of the multiverse was in jeopardy. Future Aaron told the Wakened of the War of Kalliste and all that had come of afterwards. He did this as he could not change his own timeline which had already happened but the Wakened had the ability to prevent it from happening.

In order to understand the coming danger, Aaron explained to us what came before. The future that version of himself had come from couldn't be allowed to happen.

Influence of Isis

In the terrible future that version of Aaron came out of, Isis has become a living channel for the element of Light. Light is important for binding possibility and solidifying it into reality and worlds. Too much Light, however, binds all possibility into solid and unchanging reality: the manifestation of total Order.

Isis had begun to go throughout the multiverse, forcing her perfect Order on world after world, freezing entire universes to purge them of Chaos. In the end, her final goal was to destroy the Labyrinth; Chaos itself. Such an act would ensure the end of possibility. There would only exist only what was and what was not.

Those who had Awakened did so to not only Ascend over time to aid in the continued existence of the multiverse, but also to save it from total Order and the stagnation that came with it.

The multiverse is intended to hang in a Balance between Order and Chaos; of Light and Shadow. It was not meant to tilt in favor of one or the other. Doing so would disrupt that Balance.

The city of Nautilus was a training ground to provide Wakened with the challenges and tasks needed to become stronger individuals. It was meant to prepare them for the coming of the Deva of Glass and her total Order.

It was only a matter of time before Isis would find Nautilus and either destroy or sway those who lived there.

City of Glass
September 2009; February 2010

Isis' Return

In the time following the warning, Solaris arrived with the city of Helix, docking it outside Nautilus at the Western Gate.

He'd come seeking Aaron, insisting that Aaron walk the Labyrinth to Ascend to Deva status once more. The two of them - and Jin shortly after - descended into the depths, taking leave of the city for several weeks. Nautilus was without its Deva or Ashura when Isis stealthily arrived.

The Deva of Glass - formerly the Deva of Winds and Scion of the South - appeared in deep purple robes, adorned with peacock feathers, her violet eyes open and exposed, as no Deva's should be. She arrived with her own Ashura who were nearly mindless minions affected by Isis' desire for perfect Order. Among them were the Ashura Antovil, Kergan, and Neriae.

Isis spun a web of sincere lies about her ways and their benefits that tricked a handful of Wakened and, in the following days, caused them to turn against the city. Her voice was the sound of Order masquerading as justice and righteousness. Such was her power of influence...such was the seduction of perfect Order.

She denied her brother's claims and constructed a throne over the Heart and set her new servants against other Wakened, forcing internal fighting. In the end, however, it became clear to her that the majority of the city's citizens resisted submission.

Isis unleashed vengeance upon those who openly opposed her. She turned some of into glass statues much like the shattered ones found in Kalliste. A section of the South was Unmade and the Angelii Thomas Jefferson - one of the city's first - was Unmade as well. His remains were never found.

Despite the Deva of Glass' best efforts, the Wakened's fight against her mounted and blocked her progress. They subdued her servants, setting them free of the bonds that kept them held to Isis and releasing them from her command.

Furious, Isis retreated from Nautilus. As she fled the city, Isis cut the chains holding the city above Chaos and sent Nautilus plummeting towards it. The close proximity of so much Chaos made Bending easier due to the more fluid nature of possibility. However, too much Chaos can pull what is Ordered apart. The Wakened were forced to repair the chains before the exposure to Chaos could damage the city.

Not long after, Aaron emerged from the Labyrinth as Ameras, Deva of Green. Jin returned as the Deva of Balance. It was after that plans began to take shape on how to deal with the Deva of Glass.

First Battle of Kalliste: Shattered Order

Eventual intel gathered by Jin Shahrivar revealed that Isis had entered Kalliste and had plans to merge herself there with Light in an effort to make her perfect Order a total reality. If she managed to succeed, stopping her would be far more difficult. Unfortunately, Jin Shahrivar was caught while outside of the city and Unmade by Isis for his transgressions.

Ameras and Solaris briefed the Wakened on how to fight and stop Isis. Using Helix as a transport, the fight could be taken to her. All of Isis's old Ashura during this time had gone through the Labyrinth before the battle and thus went into the fight as Deva.

However, Bending within Kalliste at the time was impossible as Chaos was blocked due to the Chaos Gates being closed by Isis. The Wakened had to bind their abilities to themselves for use in Kalliste to seek out and open the various Chaos Gates; all of which required solving puzzles.

Having all seven gates open would allow Bending in Kalliste but would also put pressure on Isis to control their output. Too much Chaos coming through would rip Kalliste apart and ruin her attempts to merge with the Light.

The final gate was beneath the Senate building. It would be the last to be opened before the final assault would begin. Isis flooded the city with all manner of deadly beasts... Vicious killers, shape shifters, memory thieves and creatures that had the ability to devour the consciousness of any sentient being.

Getting to the Senate building where Isis was was not an easy feat as the fighters had fend off and fight these creatures while they made their progress. Many were injured and killed while others went missing in the fray. Still, the Wakened pushed on.

Half of those who made it to the Senate building us were going to tackle the last Gate beneath the building, and the other half were going up top to clear the way to Isis as it was full of the same deadly creatures from before.

Once the final gate - The Gate of Truth - was opened, they regrouped with those who were poised to take down Isis who was chained to the Light at the heart of the Senate building. Ameras along with Nautilus and Solaris (who had possessed the Wakened Saïx and Roxas respectfully) joined them.

Isis' Unmaking

Ameras charged his sister Isis for crimes against the universe: the prevention of Awakening by sentient life, the orchestration of a war, the wrongful execution of a memory removal on an innocent man, and an attempt to steal the Light. For these crimes, she was sentenced to be removed from reality and Unmade by the Wakened that were gathered.

The Wakened worked as a unit and as individuals to first sever Isis' connection to the Light and then used their combined wills and defiance to strip Isis of power and Unmake her existence.

Once the battle was over, the Wakened created the portal that linked Nautilus and Kalliste for those who had died in the battle so that they could find a way home. The creatures of the city died with Isis, leaving the City of Glass as barren as it had been before following the battle.

The Dark City
August 2011 - September 2011

A Tale of Two Cities

As another summer came to an end, so did the lull in everyday Wakened life. Many Wakened found that half of the population had vanished from the city overnight. For normal Wakened, all the the Ascended and those traveling through other worlds at the time had disappeared. For the Ascended and travelers, it was the other way around. Leaving the city was out of the question for the group of normal Wakened as all access was blocked off by a mysterious wall.

The fact that that half of the population had disappeared for each group was not the only problem present; potholes had started forming throughout the city. They started off small, their growth unnoticeable much like the blossoming of a flower. But they were certainly growing. Over time, the potholes were joined by large gaping holes - big enough to swallow whole buildings.

These holes continued to grow in size as the days passed, slowly eating away at the cityscape. Bending would only prove to be a temporary fix as the holes would simply reopen. During this period, both groups were only able to communicate and contact those within their own groups and were uncertain of the other group's whereabouts.

The Dark Aeon

But there was a twist that they would not discover until later: Nautilus had split into two similar versions of itself: the true city and the false city. The Ascended were still within the true city while the normal Wakened had been transported to the false one.

The normal Wakened within the false city were left to use Bending to supply everything as all the food supplies had stopped replenishing themselves. The false city looked identical to the real Nautilus with a few things being off such as the atmosphere of the Heart and newspapers devoid of everything but the weather.

The false city was created by an Aeon only known as the the Dark Aeon that was determined to feast upon Nautilus. It itself had taken on Nautilus' form to fool its Wakened inhabitants while it devoured the true city.

The City of Pillow

As the days passed, The Ascended were left with the responsibility of getting the normal Wakened off of the false city. By this time, the normal Wakened were forced to use Bending not only to feed themselves but also to get out of dangerous situations that had suddenly started cropping up.

This Bending caused more holes to appear in the true Nautilus, destabilizing it as its lifeforce was eaten by the Dark Aeon.

The Ascended had to act fast and had to take their chances with whatever was left of Nautilus. Once they found out that the holes were connections between the two sides, they improvised a plan to reach the false city.

The wandering City of Pillow happened to float close by to the true City of Nautilus and the Ascended hopped onto it, driving it towards the false city and the Dark Aeon. Once the two groups were reunited, the Ascended evacuated the normal Wakened onto Pillow before fighters from both groups launched an attack on the Dark Aeon. Faced with resistance, the Dark Aeon retreated to lick its wounds.

The Dark Aeon
September 2011 - July 2012

The Winding of the Chains and Hekket's Training

Once the Dark Aeon had retreated, Hekket called upon the Wakened to help wind the chains that held the city up once again to keep it from falling into Chaos. He also offered to train various Wakened by pitching them against various fake reality storms to strengthen their Bending.

Nautilus' reality became extremely warped while the Wakened were busy winding the chains and caused numerous musical numbers to break out throughout the city. Many were spent by the effects of yet another random reality storm but the Angelii Xemnas went a step further and left Nautilus without warning and in empty disdain.

The Dark Aeon's Messenger

Xemnas traveled through the Between without a destination in mind. What he didn't expect in his wandering was Pyramid Head, another of Nautilus' veteran residents who had gone missing for a time. The creature was eager to show him what he had found in the chaos: a desolate cityscape on the back of a weakened Dark Aeon.

They find a young cloaked boy named Endos within the city who claimed to speak on behalf of the Dark Aeon. He appeared physically frail but firm and he spoke as if he had allied himself with the Dark Aeon in a bid for power.

In reality, it was the reverse; Endos was the one in possession of power and was offering that power to the Aeon for its second attempt to devour Nautilus in exchange for unknown benefits. Benefits that he would gain without getting his own hands dirty or alerting any of Nautilus' citizens of his involvement. The arrival of the two Wakened gave him the opportunity to distance himself even further from the impending attack on Nautilus. His hands would remain clean regardless of whatever they chose to do.

Endos offered both Xemnas and Pyramid Head a chance to leave or to seek out what they truly desired. They would serve a higher purpose in the order of destroying Nautilus if they chose the former. But both had desires that they were searching for and took Endos' offer.

Xemnas sought control in a city that lorded over all with its own power. Pyramid Head sought punishment - a proof of his own existence and purpose. Both required power to obtain their desires.

Once the two made their agreements with Endos, the boy produced a vial containing radiant violet light: a remnant of Isis to be used as a tool for power. With Endos' instruction, Xemnas injected the vial's contents into the Aeon's crust.

The power of the deceased Deva of Glass course through them, a small portion of it spilling into them as the Dark Aeon consumed the majority of Isis' essence. Satisfied by the outcome, Endos knew the two Wakened were ready and vanished. Xemnas and Pyramid Head then start steering the rejuvenated Dark Aeon towards Nautilus.

Back in Nautilus, a flash of violet ran through a couple of the life timers in Death's cottage. Although concerned, the grim reaper chose not to speak up about its occurrence until it was necessary to do so.

Nightmares and Hekket's Manipulation

During this time, Bending had become severely restricted due to Nautilus being raised higher from Chaos due to the winding of the chains and only the Ascended abilities are unaltered.

Rather than bettering the city, the Wakened had unknowingly made the conditions worse by winding the chains. A Reality Storm plagued the city as well, causing the residents to experience nightmares both silly and severe whenever they fall asleep.

Some of the Ascended belatedly caught on to the fact the whole process was wrong.

The Angelii Nash Latkje sought out Hekket who had become very absent following the command to wind the chains and in training Wakened; Nash included. Nash found Hekket - in frog form - sunning in the West. He confronted the Deva for his irresponsibility but Hekket rewrote bits of Nash's bond and loyalty to him during the exchange. Hekket convinced Nash that it was necessary to dispose of Neriae in order to deal with the situation at hand.

Soon after, Orihime and Skyfire issued a warning to the rest of the city during a scouting trip in The Between: they were being chased by the approaching Dark Aeon. Pyramid Head then made its way back into Nautilus with Orihime in tow where he later killed her.

The Fall of Neriae

The rest of the city scrambled to protect Nautilus from the approaching Dark Aeon after the group returned. The city's Deva tried to organize the citizens, telling everyone to crank the chains and to shield the city from the impending attack.

The Deva of Bubbles, Neriae, took charge of keeping a large defense shield around the city, pouring all of her energy into it to keep the Dark Aeon at bay. She left herself open while maintaining this bubble shield and Nash - under Hekket's manipulation - took his chance to get close to her. He fatally stabbed Neriae from behind with the sword that belonged to Zanith: The Deva of Ash. This fatal injury caused the shield to pop and disappear as she died.

How Nash came into possession of Zanith's ash sword was a mystery, but the rending effect of the loss ran through the masses. With the shield gone, the Dark Aeon was free to devour Nautilus.

The Dark Aeon's Offensive

Antovil and Kergan sliced the chains that suspended Nautilus above Chaos in an act of desperation. Nautilus slowly fell toward Chaos as some of the Wakened evacuated to Kalliste. The act bought them precious time but not very much.

Without Neriae's shield keeping it at bay, the Aeon moved in closer. It hovered about the city for several days before it launched seven football-sized tentacles into the city. Dark material dripped out of these appendages and took on monstrous forms that smelled of decay. These creatures roamed the city streets and attacked the Wakened that remained.
At the same time, the nightmares that had been plaguing the Wakened in the previous weeks - and had not been overcome - start to physically manifest themselves. However, the Wakened were finally able to use Bending again as they fell closer to Chaos. In fact, Bending became even easier to utilize than before (to the point where any random thought manifested itself physically).

Eddard Stark, Te'ijal, Sanji, Jetstorm, Jendayi, Danny, Luna, and Drift were all exposed to the essence of the Aeon’s creatures while fighting them. Essentially they had fought the creatures and were splattered with its ooze. This ooze hijacked their bodies and took full control of everything aside from their minds, turning them into puppets.

Eventually the Wakened gained the upper hand and the nightmares, creatures, and the Aeon’s control over its puppets disappeared.

The Wakened’s Confrontation

Kergan gave the Wakened a personal choice to make: to stay and fight, or to flee. The majority of the dwindling Wakened population chose to stay and figure out how to defeat the fiendish Aeon and the Wakened traitors.

One group set out to stop Pyramid Head while Rex Salazar and Death went to confront the elusive Xemnas. (That meeting did not go well.) After Dana had the luck of being in the Nobody's path, Sora went to settle things once and for all at The Heart of Nautilus. Despite Xemnas having the upper hand, the end of their battle was disrupted when the Heart erupted, blasting the Dark Aeon above with Chaos.

Death saved both Sora and Xemnas from the explosion (a near-Death experience) by dragging them outside of time itself. There he left Xemnas to think about what he had done and what he would do next.

Back inside of normal time, the Wakened attacked the Dark Aeon and its now-exposed Heart. However, they were divided on how to go about defeating it. Throwing everything they had at it did nothing at first. They ultimately decided to Unmake the Aeon and, through their combined efforts, they weakened and finally Unmade it altogether.

Hekket the Traitor

Hekket reappeared with the ash sword when the dust had all cleared. He had killed and absorbed Zanith as well Kergan during the confusion of the battle, all without a shred of guilt.

He was thoroughly entertained by the Wakened's antics, revealing that he had a hand in letting everything occur as it did for his own amusement. He taunted the entire city, chatting chipperly about how proud he was of everyone - as if he had not been an integral component of the city's troubles - and by rubbing salt in Nash's emotional wounds. He then blinked out of the city, his laughter a cruel echo in the wake of all that had took place. The Paperboy chased after the Deva for his remaining subscription dues of two whole dollars while everyone else let it all sink in.

Hekket's betrayal disheartened the Wakened, causing a rift in the trust they had in Deva as a whole.

A year and a half went by peacefully for the Wakened after the defeat of the Dark Aeon, save for a few Wakened trying to take over Nautilus or its citizens along the way.

Antovil, the Deva of Direction and the lone Deva in the city, tended to leave such things to the Wakened themselves to correct. The cycle of Awakening, Ascension, and Sleep continued unimpeded.

Personal Space, Thrills, and Judgement
April 2013; June 2013

After the War of Kalliste, Calex (the Deva of Personal Space) and Klement (the Deva of Judgement) arrived in Nautilus after having traveled around other worlds. Antovil greeted them as old friends, happy to have other Deva for company after Neriae, Kergan, and Zanith perished in the wake of the Dark Aeon's attacks and Hekket's betrayal.

Two months later, Areva, the Deva of Thrills (as well as Antovil's old flame) arrived after galavanting around the multiverse long before the War of Kalliste. Antovil seemed to know all three of them from his days in Kalliste prior to the War and prior to being brainwashed into being Isis' minion. After a brief reunion, the Deva all settled into the city with the intent of looking over it alongside Antovil.

Antovil took on his lighthouse form most of the time atop the Heart to keep curious and reckless Wakened from falling in. Areva overlooked the West while Klement guarded the South. Calex did not focus his attention on any one district but roamed throughout the city as he pleased.

As time went on, the new Deva all gained their own students and Ashura. For a while, things seemed like they were running smoothly and that the Wakened could concentrate the main reason for Awakening.

As the cycle of Awakening and Sleep continued on, the numbers of Wakened that remembered either Isis or the Dark Aeon shrunk. Their absence and experience made it easy for many to become complacent.

Agents of Entropy
January 2014- October 2014

Hello, My Friend

A Deva named Ursaems arrived in Nautilus during this time of peace and complacency, searching for his old home city of Kalliste. He introduced himself as a doctor and as the Deva of Renewal.

The other Deva welcomed him, overjoyed to find that he had not perished in the War. Antovil and Klement were especially glad as they had all been close friends in the old days.

Ursaems quickly became a well-liked part of the Nautilus community due to his kind and familiar nature though some - such as Lelouch, Sideswipe, and Michael Trinity - found him too friendly for their liking and had their reservations about him.

A Poisonous Personality

Ursaems settled in the South, helping and bonding with Wakened. One particular rowdy Angelii, however, was particularly grating against his nerves. Ursaems allowed his true malicious nature to leak through his facade for a moment, forcefeeding Michael Trinity fatally poisonous berries to get rid of him temporarily in the month of April. Ursaems then covered up the murder by making it seem as if Michael had accidentally poisoned himself.

The true nature of the mysterious murder would take some time to uncover by the investigator Wataru Takagi due to the difficulty finding evidence as well as Michael's strange contradicting testimony due to the berries' memory loss effect and his lack of cooperation.

Wataru solved the case months later once Ursaems' true nature came to light. Until then, no one suspected the Deva of any true malicious traits.

The Dark Mirror

In June, on "lucky" Friday the 13th, the Living Labyrinth (also known as The Ferryman) made its appearance both on the Network as well as within the city itself. All that looked upon it felt dread, fear, and despair no matter their status or amount of courage, for even the Deva feared the Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth sought out direct contact with a number of Wakened - while they were asleep or wide awake - during the next few weeks, forcing them to face their insecurities, flaws, regrets, and other issues in their fullest form. The voices that filled the Wakened's heads were both of the Ferryman as well as well as their own voices. The Living Labyrinth only reflected what was already there: A Dark Mirror.

The unwelcome visits caused a great amount of confusion and distress. All who were affected had to grapple with the aftermath of the visits in their own ways.

The Ways of the Bear

His reputation unmarred and unquestioned so far, Ursaems voiced that he felt stirrings in the air. He would not reveal just what tremors he was feeling, knowing that doing so would cause undue panic if he was wrong.

However, it was good to be vigilant and that required having more trained Wakened in the city. He called for and took on several students who all were courageous and righteous in their own ways, bestowing the power of Bending knowledge upon them.

Rather than passing on his knowledge through practice training, he Bended his own knowledge of Bending directly into their minds.

He bonded with his ten core students Miklo Braca, Loki Laufeyson, Miles "Tails" Prower, Harry Dresden, Denzel Quincy, Uzumaki Nagato, Rodimus, Elyon Brown, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Kai Green. Through this teacher-student bond, they gained the ability to instantly understand higher levels of Bending and were given a Bending boost that elevated their powers to higher levels. Students who were normal Wakened found themselves able to unlock Angelii-level powers and so on.

But the instant access to higher Bending came at a price unknown to them. When Ursaems established his position as their teacher and Bended his knowledge into them, he also forged a Loyalty Bond with each of them that would influence their thinking without their knowledge to be more accepting of his ideals. The more tied to him they were, the more blinded by loyalty they became.

The Dark Mirror Part II

The Living Labyrinth made a reappearance in the beginning of September, seeking out more Wakened to terrorize with their own negative traits and experiences.

The reasoning for its two appearances is unknown. Perhaps it was a warning of some sort. Or perhaps it was searching for something or someone. Whatever the reason, the Wakened had good cause to try to stop it once and for all.

The Wakened were also concerned about the sudden lack of Reality Storms, associating it with the last time the Labyrinth had shown up: the attack of the Dark Aeon.

Team Ursaems and Team Counterstrike

The Labyrinth and the nightmares that it imposed on the various Wakened never did make a good impression on the city's residents. Ursaems took advantage of this distrust for the Labyrinth and proposed that they should seal the Labyrinth away in a large emerald amulet of his own creation.

A number of Ascended and Wakened were wary about Ursaems' proposal. The Angelii Lucas pointed out that the Labyrinth was connected to the city and perhaps tampering with it would bring catastrophe. This theory was strengthened by the Deva's input that the Labyrinth is merely a harbinger with unfortunate consequences rather than a cause. Those with similar thoughts and stood by them started to make their own plans to counter the hunters of the Labyrinth.

There were essentially two main teams: Team Ursaems (Ursaems and his core students) and Team Counter-Strike (Lucas, Irene, Sanji, Number 6, and Lelouch). There was also a third team consisting of Nash and Six who were only there to collect intel. Each team was unable to make contact with the city or vice versa until their return.

The Captured Labyrinth

Ursaems' students - loyal to him through the Bond forged through their training sessions - and pro-capture Wakened assisted Ursaems in overpowering and subduing the Labyrinth in the Beyond. Ursaems stepped in and used his own powers to capture the severely weakened Labyrinth within the amulet which has now given the Deva a suit of ursine-like armor.

Despite the claims Ursaems made to keep guard of the amulet in the Wakened's best interests, the newly captured Labyrinth was now a powerful power source for him to personally tap into.

Some students found the situation to be too troubling and broke the loyalty bond between themselves and Ursaems.

Those who broke their bonds then also found that their Bending powers had returned to the levels they had been at before their training. These students had to rely on either their own strengths or the strengths of Ascended to return home.

There they found the city had been experiencing great trouble in their absence...

The Upheaval

Chaos normally only affected the city in the form of Storms when bits of Chaos filter up through Nautilus on a near-monthly basis in small doses. The effect was very similar to how solar flares periodically affected things on Earth, going unnoticed due to solar winds/magnetic fields, etc.

Because the Labyrinth and its powers were now connected to Ursaems, the space below the city became too unstable to hold back the Chaos that normally swirled under the city. The moment that the Labyrinth was subdued by Ursaems, this barrier-of-sorts vanished, leaving nothing to stem the flow of Chaos.

Chaos violently erupted through the Heart and forced Antovil - who normally resided atop the Heart as a lighthouse - off of it.

The very foundation of Nautilus had been damaged. There were cracks everywhere created by following earthquakes and aftershocks. Many Wakened fled to Helix but others stayed to fix the damage done to Nautilus.

All of the Deva rushed in to patch the grave injury to the Aeon, stemming off the flow of Chaos. Though the Devas' efforts kept the Aeon from dying and the city from falling apart, it required all of their attention and combined powers. Exhausted, they left the residents to deal with the other problems on their own in the following days.

In the week following the eruption, the Wakened had to repair Nautilus' cracks and dealt with the dangerous Chaos Creatures that had spilled into the city with the unfiltered flow of Chaos.

The creatures that emerged from the Chaos included amorphous monsters, evil doppelgangers, and Chaos Clockwork Horrors that all had to be fought and Unmade. To make things worse, Denzel Crocker had returned from the Labyrinth hunt as a power-hungry creature hellbent on creating even more chaos in the city.

Once the Heart was secure, the Deva of the city created a barrier around it to keep it safe from intruders, facilitating its healing.

Pink's Clues

The Wakened who remained loyal to the Ursaems followed him through the Between and Chaos to another world, unaware of the recent events occurring back in Nautilus. They were charged to complete a task now possible with the power of the captured Labyrinth - one that had the power to affect the existence of entire worlds.

During the duration of the Upheaval, Ursaems tricked his students and the other Wakened to fix a world full of flaws. This world was a simple and childlike world known as Pink's Clues (which shares a lot of similarities to another world one might know about). The group went around in search of 'flaws' in the shape of paw prints.

However, instead of repairing the world of Pink's Clues, the group had destabilized it to the point of no return. Rather than foreign flaws, the paw prints that they had been fixing had been integral parts of that world!

The group was forced to flee the world, watching helplessly as the small world shook until it crumbled and fell into Chaos.

Ursaems deemed that the world was now better off rather than showing sorrow in light of the outcome. Understandably, everyone was shocked by his purposeful and callous words. It was clear to many now that Ursaems had not made a horrible mistake but had brought destruction to Pink's world on purpose. But for what?

Those who could not accept such a thing found it easy to break from Ursaems' influence. Some fled back to Nautilus. The rest stayed to fight.

Ursaems assumed his bear form and fought off those who came with him. He held nothing back, even going as far as biting off limbs and threatening to kill those who dared to continue fighting him. The Wakened were no match for the Deva who had the power of the Labyrinth and were forced to retreat.

Ursaems escaped with Miklo Braca and Loki Laufeyson who both remained loyal to him but for separate reasons. Braca sought an authority figure he could follow and projected that status onto Ursaems, deepening his loyalty. Loki sought the power of the Labyrinth Amulet for his own gain and found it advantageous to remain at Ursaems' side for the time being though his bond was more or less dissolved.

The Dragon's Eye

Ursaems took Miklo Braca and Loki Laufeyson to an uninhabited forested world where he had resided for the last few million years. There, he bonded with the both of them individually, separately briefing them on an ancient relic that had belonged to Isis known as "The Dragon's Eye."

The information on "The Dragon's Eye" was a red herring at the time. It was the kind of information that would reach other Wakened when the two returned to Nautilus on Ursaems' command. When Irene caught wind of it, she asked Antovil about the relic, piquing his interest.

The reveal of "The Dragon's Eye" sounded fishy, but Antovil decided it would be better to be vigilant just in case. He chose to seek it out on his own, but Calex tagged along despite his protests. While this was happening, another pair of Ascended were doing their own leg work.

Visit to Ursaems' World

In wake of the Upheaval, Rex and Six decide to seek out Ursaems' world in search of any useful intel regarding the evil Deva. They sought out Antovil's help and received a compass on a golden chain that led them directly to Ursaems' world.

However, the pair had problems finding the country he came from because the whole area had become a vast desert. In their search, they came across an archaeological dig site, finding their answers in a museum located in a neighboring city holding an exhibit about the lost country.

It turned out that the last king of the ancient country had massacred his people during his rule during a time of famine and plague, sacrificing a great number of them to appease his preferred deity that controlled the sun. Ursaems' name was documented in many descriptions as being the lead physician who treated the sick during the plague. He had been ultimately sacrificed by order of the king.

Rex and Six also found a piece of a carving depicting Ursaems in this exhibit.The weathered carving showed him with his entrails exposed and snakes crawling on his body as he was offered up to the country's sun deity. The carving left no doubt that this ancient doctor and the Deva of Remedy were one and the same.

But Ursaems' sacrifice as well as all the others had been for nothing. The weakened country was soon attacked and absorbed by neighboring enemy countries. All of this had happened eons ago, leaving no trace of any of the countries left in the modern era of Ursaems' world.

Though the two Ascended did not find direct answers to Ursaems' motives to share with the rest of the Wakened, they all gained some insight into what could have twisted Ursaems' heart.

The Wakened began to formulate plans as September faded into October. They planned to snatch back the Labyrinth when certain events caused them to reconsider and switch gears...

Chaos Poisoning

Antovil and Calex followed the trail to the abandoned pleasure city of Arcas where Ursaems had been using as a testing ground for Unmaking worlds. It was here that Ursaems revealed his true self as the Deva of Entropy rather than the Deva of Renewal.

Antovil was furious with his former friend, upset that the other had turned out to be so different from his days in Kalliste. In fact, it had been all a ruse. Ursaems had never been the same ever since he learned about the collapse of his country and the annihilation of his family following his death. Instead of truly healing after Antovil and Klement had intervened with his attempted suicide, Ursaems had hidden his warped, bitter nature, letting it fester throughout his whole being.

After a brief interaction that failed to end peacefully, the Deva did battle in the remains of a casino. The whole building was rigged as a trap for Antovil and Calex. Overwhelmed, the two Deva were injured and infected by Chaos poisoning. Even their combined strength was no match against the Deva with the power of the Labyrinth, a severely injured Calex was forced to flee with Antovil who suffered the brunt of the attack.

Back in Nautilus, the alarmed Wakened fought to Bend the Chaos poison out of Antovil. The Deva's life hung in the balance for a while but was ultimately saved. Antovil warned the Wakened of Ursaems' true identity as the "Deva of Entropy." and that he sought to "destroy the anchor" over Nautilus. In short, he aimed for Kalliste - the city of Glass.

As the Wakened scrambled to create a new plan of action to defend the city, Ursaems made his next move.

Complete Chaos

Shaking was felt all over Nautilus a few days later. The chains of the city attached to Kalliste wobbled continuously, causing what felt like small earthquakes. An explosion from above told all that the shaking was coming from Kalliste.

The Gate of Truth had been opened to allow Chaos to pour through and spill into Kalliste. An army of Chaos Creatures had emerged and chased any Wakened from Kalliste back into Nautilus. The way closes behind them, making it impossible to get back into Kalliste via the gate.

Ursaems then projected an image of himself against the sky, addressing the city as the Deva of Entropy and conqueror of Kalliste.

The Deva revealed that he had taken control of the City of Glass and was now going to destroy it. By destroying Kalliste, he would effectively cut Nautilus from its anchor and drop both cities into Chaos. It was clear Pink's Clues was just the beginning. Ursaems was planning to plunge everything into Chaos to start the whole system of world creation anew.

Corruption and decay were natural outcomes in all worlds. They were integral to a world's existence no matter how pure the inhabitants' intentions.

In Ursaems' eyes, jettisoning the current multiverse into Chaos before throwing himself in was for the best. He would entrust everything to complete chaos and starting everything anew from one nothingness within in a new multiverse.

Needless to say, all of the Wakened disagreed with the twisted Deva. They were their own entities and they were to be the ones to carve out their own destinies for better or for worse. Handing over the lives of themselves and of all worlds to one person was unthinkable. Even Miklo Braca realized this, finally breaking his loyalty bond with the Deva.

The Wakened changed their plans yet again to prepare for an invasion on Kalliste while they waited for the Northern Gate to be be a two-way path between Nautilus and Kalliste again. Areva also broke the jail open on Nu's request to free the devious jailbird Hazuma to avoid a possible death from a collapsing city.

Second Battle of Kalliste

Five days after Ursaems' declaration, the Wakened initiated their strategies to take back Kalliste and the Labyrinth. This was no longer just a battle to decide the keeper of the Labyrinth. It was now a battle for survival for themselves and for the multiverse as they knew it.

Those who decided to stay behind gathered in Helix which would be able to function as a haven in the case that Nautilus was truly destroyed. It could detach from the city and function as an airship. Those who decided to take on Ursaems directly made their way into Kalliste after Antovil repaired the North gate.

The attack teams had split themselves out into four teams to handle each of the gates in Kalliste:

Team Ursaems: Lelouch, Xemnas, Nash, Iason, Nagato, Tails

Team Island: Rex, Six, Kevin, Shen, Scott, Loki

Team Matter: Lucas, Giant, Sonic, Bulkhead

Team Dream: Suzaku, Death, Braca, Crichton, Sanji, Irene

Team Cybertron: Sideswipe, Ultra Magnus, Drift, Mirage, Harry Dresden, Rodimus Prime, V

Once they were in Kalliste, Teams Island, Matter, and Dream found the source of the shaking and explosions. Among the Chaos Creatures were many 50ft tall saber-tooth grizzly bears with massive claws for digging, 100ft tall mechanical creatures with drills for arms to tunnel down, and black and red sphere creatures that were designed to explode at weak points. All three creatures were present to speed up Kalliste's destabilizing process. All of these creatures had to be dealt with via Unmaking.

Once the threats were neutralized, all teams as well as the other Wakened gathered with Team Ursaems at the Senate Building.

Ursaems remained on the top floor of the Senate building to attempt to seal The Light - the source of all Order - overhead while his minions were busy attacking Kalliste itself. He controlled a bear-shaped shadow to slowly devour the Light and to give time to allow Chaos to run rampant and destroy everything.

Eclipse of Existence

After battling more creatures, the Wakened reach the top floor of the Senate. Ursaems had blown out the remainder of the roof in order to have unimpeded access to The Light. The Labyrinth Amulet around his neck provided him all the power he needed to seal the Light away so the Wakened lept into action to prevent him from doing so.

All of the fighters dodged Ursaems' fire attacks and much of the glass debris as they fought within the Senate building. The senate's layout gave them ample places to hide but not many places to get a clear shot. Caesar's decoy device bought them some time to get into position but it was by no means a cakewalk to attack the Deva.

One group swooped in to attack and distract Ursaems while the rest sought to tear the amulet away from him. Ursaems fought back by transforming into a 100ft tall bear and utilizing more Bending and Chaos Poisoning after smashing a large hole through the Senate's floors. The fighters managed to do some damage to Ursaems, suffering grave injuries in turn.

The Wakened eventually managed to break the amulet's chain either by snapping the links or Unmaking them altogether and the amulet shatters on the ground. The Living Labyrinth emerged once more. It pierced Ursaems through his chest and ripped away the powers that he had taken from it. This reverted the Deva back into his human form with his normal set of Deva powers. It then lifted Ursaems up, dragging him down screaming into the depths of Chaos. Once they had vanished, the bear shadow dissipated, bringing an end to the destruction.

The end of October drew near when the Wakened returned to what they called home, finding much of the city in ruins. Many establishments had been destroyed by the debris that had fallen from Kalliste. Despite the losses, what mattered most was the Labyrinth had returned to its proper dwelling place and Nautilus was recovering. The City of Change was safe.

For now.

Genesis of Nature
May 2015 - February 2016

Rebuilding and Recreating

Things were quiet after the battle against Ursaems. The holiday season came and went as did spring. Antovil, devastated by how Ursaems betrayed him and the rest of the city, started keeping more to himself. Calex and Klement quickly filled in the void, guiding Wakened as they rebuilt their city.

Areva was bored. She was not the type to sit around idly, after all. So she decided to build something on her own. But she was also lazy and found building a whole world - as all Deva were capable of - to be too much trouble.

She decided to build a city. Or rather, to rebuild one with the scraps of another for she only needed a quick project to alleviate her boredom.

City From the Ashes

She sought out Arcas, the City of Delights, since Antovil and Calex's battle with Ursaems had made her aware that it must have drifted close to Nautilus since its banishment.

Arcas was not just Ursaems' recent testing ground for Unmaking worlds. It had been a rich history of being a pleasure trip destination back in the days of Kalliste. However, it had been destroyed during the war since Arcas' inherent chaotic nature did not sit well with Isis and the Deva of Glass cut it loose from Kalliste. Arcas' Aeon perished soon after and the city itself fell into disarray without an Aeon within it or residents to maintain proper upkeep.

Arcas' ruins was the perfect site for her project since she was familiar with it back in its heyday and would only have to build on top of what she already knew rather than start her planning from scratch.

Areva took her time to reform the city and restore it to its former glory but there were still many pieces that it lacked. So she dove into Chaos multiple times, looking for bits of Potential that she could use to patch Arcas with.

A Rosy Outcome

Areva found parts of Pink's Clues floating aimlessly about in the swirl of Chaos. Though it had torn itself apart after Ursaems' team inadvertently destabilized it, it hadn't completely dissolved and fully absorbed by Chaos. The Deva of Thrills salvaged these parts and used her powers to Bind them to Arcas to form a whole new city.

This development coincidentally provided a solution to a terrible situation. Ursaems' destruction of Pink's Clues had left its inhabitants - such as the sentient household items and Pink herself - worldless and homeless. They were not Wakened and thus could not live in Nautilus, Kalliste, or Helix. They also could not transfer to other worlds because unrelated worlds could not overlap. They thus became permanent residents of Arcas where they were free to live in return for their services that would keep the city running.

It seemed like a win-win situation: The residents didn't have to perish nor be homeless, the residents of Nautilus had a new place to have fun, and Areva would have something to keep her entertained without being bogged down by tedious responsibilities that usually came with making a city.

And it was a win-win situation for a while.

A New Arrival

A girl named Amior Awakened in Nautilus shortly after Arcas was completed and open to Nautilus residents.

Her background was bleak; she had been lost in the desert with her infant nephew, trying to escape the tyranny of an insane king. Her whole family had been killed and her country was on the verge of collapsing.

She found a place to stay with a certain newlywed couple (Prisoner Number 6 and Mary Poppins) while she also made friends with other residents. During this time, Areva recognized Amior as Ursaem's youngest sister and other residents such as Suzaku discovered this fact through other venues. Concerned for the girl's safety, they kept this information private.

It's Not Easy Being Green

Months passed by and things were becoming more noticeably strange with Areva. The Deva had been becoming more and more lethargic ever since Arcas was complete. Stranger still, she was starting to sprout leaves and rosebuds all over her body.

The Deva tried to play this off time and time again, but even she could not hide her panic from Antovil and the other Deva as the growth continued through the month of October and her powers and energy continued to weaken.

She became a petrified wooden statue at the edge of the swamp on Halloween Night once all of the rosebuds burst into bloom at once.

The Ascended Ailment

Great concern inevitably followed once Areva’s condition came to light. Within its earlier stages, the Deva and the Ascended tried to find the answers to what was going on. However, early investigations hit dead ends without any clues as to what triggered the Deva of Thrills’ condition.

The next month yielded more information but also brought worse news.

The same strange symptoms that Areva exhibited prior to her transformation began to spread among the Deva and the majority of the Ascended. They began to exhibit milder symptoms such as unusual bouts of fatigue and the urge to be outside. These signs soon took dramatic turns and many were alarmed when plant buds began to sprout from their bodies.

Fear gripped the affected Ascended and the Wakened who were warned about the situation as their fates were already known but the cure was not. No one had any answer as to why only the Ascended were affected.

Stranger still was the smaller group of Ascended who were seemingly immune to the outbreak for unknown reasons...

The (Almost) Christmas Miracle

Nautilus tried to intervene on the behalf of the Wakened despite being fatigued by the plant plague. Frightened by the plight of his citizens, he used what little strength he gathered to drive back and reverse the signs of the disease. While he couldn't completely get rid of it, he did enough to where everyone could enjoy the Christmas holiday without fear.

The reprieve turned out to be a mixed blessing when Antovil announced the new Ascended while showing noticeable fatigue. Many became concerned about the Deva’s health due to what had already happened to Areva. Could he too be becoming ill?

It seemed like they would be okay otherwise. But it would not last. The Wakened were no closer to finding out details about this illness or its cure but they were aware that not even the Deva or Nautilus could hold it back.

Nautilus Weakens and Things Get Much Much Worse

Nautilus’ strength finally gave out on the day before New Years Eve. The disease returns in full force, affecting not only the Ascended but also starting to infect non-Ascended as well. The heart becomes ensnared in an organic cage and no one could access it.

Klement finally addressed the crisis, apologizing for the secrecy and finally revealing what they do know. He explained that the Deva had not wanted to cause a panic while they did not have all the details themselves but the time had come to include everyone.

Around this same time, Amior herself reveals that she’s Ursaem’s little sister. The same one that was supposed to have died long ago in her own world before an Awakened Ursaems' eyes. Though millennia had passed for Ursaems while he waited for his family to Awaken, the nature of Awakening meant that she had Awakened immediately after her death.

Revealing Ursaems’ Revenge

There was much frantic searching for answers following Klement's rally for cooperation. There were two massive searches beyond Nautilus: first in Kalliste and then in Arcas.

The search in Kalliste yielded Ursaems’ old broken amulet that served as the Labyrinth's prison. This discovery pointed to him possibly being responsible for the disease despite him having been pulled into Chaos. Nothing much had changed in the City of Glass since the battle against him to stop his devouring of the Light.

The Arcas search party, however, discovered that Arcas had been overrun with infected plants that had similar traits to Areva's infected cells. It was pretty clear that Areva had inadvertently caught and introduced the disease when she had recreated the city Arcas.

The group of immune Ascended suddenly get their own strange sickness shortly after these two searches. This condition was known as Chaos Poisoning: a condition that caused those to spit out or vomit pearls due to their bodies subconsciously protecting themselves by trapping and turning the chaos into pearl-like objects.

The situation took another turn for the worse when Antovil lost his battle with the disease, joining Areva in a tree-like state. The grim discovery spurred the Wakened into finding the answers they sought before they, too, suffered the same fate. Once the plans were made, several teams of Wakened go to a world in which Ursaems claimed as his own, fighting their way into his old hideout to look for a cure.

Invasion of the Plants and The Cure

Meanwhile, Chaos bled off onto Nautilus, mutating the ingrained sickness, allowing it to thrive in the form of wild plant life which had easily overtaken the city. Although some of the Wakened were evacuated to Helix, those who stayed behind decided they could still fight back. Klement and Calex also lent a hand in boosting the Wakened's powers; despite all of their efforts, some succumbed to the disease, quickly becoming one with the greenery. Calex also found himself changing, unable to fight off the feelings of weariness before turning completely. As the last Deva standing, Klement forced the use of his remaining strength, giving the Nautilus-centric Wakened a second wind to keep the plants from winning.

Days later, the first group returned with vital information about the cure. While it was initially good news, they soon found it required (wasn't it Ursaems' blood) Amior’s blood to create the antidote for the city. Thankfully they only needed a little blood from her and the antidote is able to get made and spread throughout the city. Curing others of the condition.


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