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In-Game Punishments

In-Game Punishments

Did your character do something bad? Fill out a form here to request and receive your character's In-Game punishment from Nautilus or one of the Deva!

We reserve the right to refuse or to change a punishment if we feel that the submitted punishment doesn't suit the crime (too lenient or too harsh), if the punishment breaks game rules or mechanics, or if the crime isn't enough for Nautilus to deal out a punishment.

Not certain about just what to request? Please refer to the table below for some ideas!

Still not sure? Want to get a suitable punishment at random? We'll be happy to dole a suitable punishment for your character that you have the choice of accepting or declining for another within reason (we will suggest up to two other substitution punishments).

A mod should respond to your request submission within a day or two if the punishment is straightforward and does not need discussion. If you haven't received any response within three days, please contact us directly.

The Submission Form

General Punishment Ideas

Time in Nautilus' Jail *   Temporarily Deva Servitude **
 Animal Transformation (mostly harmless animals)   Chased by Nautilus animals
 Reverting to Childhood  Temporary sense loss/heightening 
 Temporary Amnesia

 Temporarily serve at a Nautilus         business ***

* For this, please indicate both how much time that your character is really in the Jail as well as how long time seemed to pass for the character. This is because time flows differently within the jail.
** You can select a Deva or be assigned at random. Your character would be compelled to cooperate even if they do not desire to (ie: they can be aware and voice their displeasure, but they must carry out what is asked of them).
*** Potential places would be the library, Furmans, etc. Your character would be compelled to work properly by Nautilus even if they do not desire to (ie: they can be aware and voice their displeasure, but they must carry out their assigned tasks properly).

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