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Storm Suggestions

Storm Suggestions

Have a great Storm idea? Post them here!

If you want to suggest a player plot, please go here instead.

Storm Submission Guidelines

  • All storms require some sort of trigger influenced by character(s) or situations within the city.

  • Please only base storms off of canons that are currently in the game.

  • The mods will read and discuss all submissions but will not always respond to every suggestion to indicate that this has occurred. No suggestion is ignored!

  • Ideas that can involve all players/characters are the best! Please try to keep this in mind when making your suggestions!

  • We the mods reserve the right to reject suggestions if we feel if they break game mechanics or rules (ie: multiple AU characters, pregnancy, etc), if they involve sensitive material and/or themes (ie: extreme gore, sexual assault, etc) or if they are NC-17 in nature. Please contact us if you are uncertain if your suggestion would fall into these categories.

  • Have fun!

Storm Submission Code

Comments are UNSCREENED so that discussion with other players can be facilitated. If you wish to keep the plot a secret, SCREEN your post and we will get back to you.

nottalittlewolf: (Default)

A mile in another's shoes storm (Basically a body swap storm)

[personal profile] nottalittlewolf 2016-11-01 09:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Storm Name A mile in another's shoes storm (Basically a body swap storm)

Storm Trigger: Distrust, characters arguing

Storm Summary: Keeping this short and sweet; characters wake up with someone else's body, bonus points if it's someone they have negative CR with,

three_swords_stronger: (Default)

Confession Storm

[personal profile] three_swords_stronger 2016-11-02 05:28 am (UTC)(link)
Storm Name Confession Storm

Storm Trigger: The Sanji->Zoro->Ace->Rose->??? Romance Dodecahedron

Storm Summary: Got something deep down you're feeling about another character? Something you are longing to say? Trying not to say? Too polite to say? With this storm face to face contact or even voice triggers sent tongues to wagging and affected characters spill all their confessions right for anyone to see. Let the chaos begin.

timeslastsoldier: (Default)

Mini Me

[personal profile] timeslastsoldier 2017-02-01 10:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Storm Name: Mini Me storm

Storm Trigger People who mess around with dangerous science experiments and quantum mechanics. (mostly the doctors) And/or Jed.

Storm Summary:
The affected are shrunk to with-in four or five inches and must navigate a gigantic world full of cats and spiders and super big shoes of the unaffected.
timeslastsoldier: (Default)

Storm of Emotion

[personal profile] timeslastsoldier 2017-04-05 11:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Storm Name Storm of Emotion

Storm Trigger: Characters with intense emotions, positive or negative.

Storm Summary: Ever have one of those days when you're feeling blue and under the weather? Well now everyone will know about it! Effected characters will be followed around by little clouds that change according to their mood. Sadness will bring rain, anger thunder, happiness-- a little sunlet peeking out from behind clouds cloaking them in a golden glow!

This weather also works subconsciously so a character that looks happy but acts sad will be rained on.

carrythesin: ([another dream])

Waken Identity

[personal profile] carrythesin 2017-04-05 11:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Storm Name Waken Identity

Storm Trigger: Kirika Yuumura

Storm Summary:

Characters would wake up one morning with amnesia. If they're lucky, they might find something in their room with a name and their face on it, like an ID. But as they go about their day, they might feel conformable doing things such as a knack for cooking, using magic, great with science, building stuff, or know some martial arts move.

kaylinneya: (markings are glowing)

Thinking of (and as) you.

[personal profile] kaylinneya 2017-04-18 08:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Storm Name Thinking of (and as) you.

Storm Trigger: Kaylin Neya (In her world there are buildings that can read thoughts as if they are spoken words, and see deeper if they wish, and a race of people whose abilities are similar.

Storm Summary:

Proximity and touch triggered -

In this storm, those nearest to you physically can read your surface thoughts, all the things you are trying not to say, they hear them as if you spoke them, and cannot tell the difference between what you said and what you thought.

If you are lightly touching someone - a brush of the hand, bumping into them, what have you - for the duration of the contact you will get more. Mostly context for the thoughts, but in words, shaped by the mind of the person thinking them. Or who has thought them.

One handed contact - holding hands will let you see hazy images, read deeper thoughts, and the complex convoluted layers of thoughts.

Two hands - Holding both hands, or putting both your hands on someone lets you see memories as they saw them (not as they remember them, not as they are affected by second thoughts and forgetfulness but as they happened) you are still you, but some part of you is also them. You are still now, but you are also then.

More contact - Hugging, laying against each other, sitting back to back... that puts both of you INTO the other's memory (again how it happened, not how they recall it) to see and feel the truth. Each person getting the memory feels like they are living it, completely. They think they are that person, they feel like they are making those decisions. It is a perfect understanding of that moment. As they ARE that person, as far as they know, they have no awareness of the here and now, and since the other person is stuck in their mind the same way (unless they're unaffected by the storm/ascended, what have you) an outside force will have to separate the two (or three or more, could be an interesting experiment) to break the connection. When broken, each person will be violently back in their own minds, and remember everything. If someone touched them to break it, some part of that person's thoughts/memories will leak in, depending on the duration of the touch/kind of touch.

Clothing does not limit anything unless it is something special that might naturally do that (Chat and Ladybug's suits perhaps, possibly Clef's armor. Up to player discretion.)
Things that are SEALED memories, up to player discretion can remain that way. For example in Kaylin's world, even mind readers who can step into her memories as if they lived them cannot see or hold the True Names that she knows and holds. Likewise for the Doctor, his real name can thus be hidden because in canon Renette goes traipsing about in his mind and cannot find it. So if in canon mind reading cannot find a thing, the player can chose to keep the viewer from seeing it in some way keeping with how that would work in canon. (Or just OOCly choose other memories to share) In most cases memories chosen probably will be based on what was going on in scene before the contact, but by no means should be limited to that!

Basically, a physical proximity based memory theater type event to encourage new CR, deepen existing CR, and encourage longer thought filled posts in the logs community, because those are a lot of fun!

whohastimeforthat: (Clever Device...)

Galvan Storm

[personal profile] whohastimeforthat 2017-04-21 03:47 am (UTC)(link)
Storm Name Galvan Storm

Storm Trigger: Azmuth

Storm Summary:

Ever wondered what it'd be like to be a completely different kind of sapient being? Lucky you, you're about to learn what it's like to be a Galvan starting with being ridiculously smart with two brains to your name but incredibly small and prey to just about everything. Given that you're essentially a spacefrog, you get all the parts that come with it: flipper feet, a desire to eat insects, and a sudden massive interest in the sciences and technology in particular. (Some would argue it's near-worship of it.)

While Bending will be unavailable to you, you're a master of technology for an entire week, so you can always build something to compensate for it. Let your inventive streak flow!

In addition to the shenanigans that comes from being a tiny supersmart nerd, there are bonus shenanigans in the form of Galvan mating season (politely referred to as "Fifth Season") which runs during the summer if this storm is selected during the summer months of June through September. Not only will you have to deal with just the day-in and day-out deal of being a Galvan, but the hormones might severely tempt you to do some serious flirting with that other Wakened you've had your eye on for a while.

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timeslastsoldier: (Default)

Better Together

[personal profile] timeslastsoldier 2017-06-08 04:55 am (UTC)(link)
Storm Name Better Together

Storm Trigger: Characters who are attached to the hip and/or characters who need to get in their "get along" shirt

Storm Summary: Characters wake up one morning handcuffed to another character for the entirety of the storm. There is some slack to the unbreakable cord that links their cuffs together so some things may be done in relative privacy, but otherwise, the characters are glued to the hip whether they like it or not. This can either be done by player choice or by entering a sort of RNG lottery to see who your character gets stuck with for the duration.

dimeliora: (angel business)

Mirror Storm

[personal profile] dimeliora 2017-06-10 06:47 am (UTC)(link)
Storm Name: Mirror Storm
Storm Trigger: All the reflecting characters have done on change, possibility

Storm Summary: For one week, characters essentially become alternative versions of themselves. This doesn't necessarily mean that Good Guys turn Evil or vice versa, but rather, characters can become what could have been if they'd been born in another life, if they'd made one choice in their Dreaming instead of another, or hell, what if they hadn't coped with a situation as well as they did in their respective canon? It's an invitation to AU epic characters from mundane/urban backgrounds, perhaps turn sci-fi characters into fantasy*AU versions of themselves, or play a character without certain hang-ups or emotional walls or past pains there to drag them down. Muns are encouraged to get creative!

At the end of the week, Nautilus will award all affected with a beautiful antique mirror in their bedrooms, because lawl irony.
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spiral_brow: (other - le gasp)

Pokemon Storm!

[personal profile] spiral_brow 2017-06-15 11:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Storm Name Pokemon storm!

Storm Trigger: Morty, and previous pokemon-world Wakened.

Storm Summary: Are you a trainer? Are you going to catch them all? Welcome to the world of Pokemon, where you can go out and battle, catch, and train wild creatures (that you stuff in tiny balls), then compete against other trainers! Who will be the very best, the best that ever was? Pick a starter, grab your pokeballs, and let's find out!

For the duration of the storm, wild Pokemon can be found all throughout the city. For example, grass types are found predominantly in the south. Fire types in the West, and water types in the East. There's a ton of rattata over by Fazbear's Fright. You can be a Trainer, going out to catch wild pokemon and fight against other trainers. You can also be Breeders, who breed and raise pokemon, or maybe you're a professor, an expert in studying pokemon. Or maybe you're a Gym Leader, who run pokemon gyms and test prospective trainers. There is 1 gym per district.

For sake of balance, perhaps it'd be a good idea that no one can have legendary or mythical pokemon, so as to not overpower things. (Though maybe there can be just -one-... some unknown, mysterious NPC that's shadowed, with their amazing legendary pokemon?)

After the storm, players are allowed to keep 1 or 2 pokemon from their team. Wild pokemon can still be found occassionally throughout the city.

lastoftimelords: (Ten and Rose 2)

[personal profile] lastoftimelords 2017-07-01 03:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Storm Name Toon Town

Storm Trigger: Any Toon characters in game

Storm Summary:

For a week; Nautilus turns up the color on everything. That tree that was green is even greener; etc. The sun also has a smiley face. Affected characters (will not be able to bend) find themselves a Toon version of themselves and if they are already a Toon they can be even tooner looking.

Basically, the environment will have the cartoon physics of Old Hollywood - think Looney Tunes! There's a random pull string in the air attached to nothing - pull it and something heavy will fall; etc. Characaters can run until they notice there's no ground underneath them and then they'll fall, etc.

modelcatizen: (Default)

Fog of Desire

[personal profile] modelcatizen 2017-08-27 06:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Storm Name Fog of Desire

Storm Trigger: Endos using a fog to show his pursuers their greatest desires to distract them.

Storm Summary: There's a fog in the city that shows a person's greatest desire(s). Even though the instance made the fog only viewable by the person, it may be more fun if others could see it, or leave it to player discretion if they can or not.

tanks4thememory: (Smile)

Re: Fog of Desire

[personal profile] tanks4thememory 2017-09-07 02:33 am (UTC)(link)
Allow me to second this storm idea just because of the FEELS potential.
enchantressofore: (Whaaaaat?)

Body Swap Shenanigans

[personal profile] enchantressofore 2017-09-05 03:33 am (UTC)(link)
Storm Name Body Swap Shenanigans

Storm Trigger: After the heavy fight involving ending Deva Endos's reign, Nautilus maybe has decided that some empathy and living life in another person's shoes may help refresh the residents mentally. A bit of silly fun, as it were. Alternately, it's random, no real trigger.

Storm Summary: Characters swap bodies! Their bending would go with their minds as bending is a matter of will, but no matter what they seem to do they cannot seem to get back to their own bodies of their own volition during the duration of the storm!

Two possible ways on how this could work;

1. RNG
There would be a sign up and moderator RNG on who affected wakened would switch with. This method would encourage new CR interactions. Probably a maximum of switching bodies twice in this simply so that it's not a week straight in just one person's body but still limited so that it doesn't get completely insane. Get to know each other, people of Nautilus!

2. Touch-Based
You accidentally bumped shoulders in a crowded hallway? How about a friendly handshake, or hugging a friend in need of comfort? Oops, that simple touch is enough to cause affected wakened to switch bodies as well! This one would be limited to one switch per day, simply so that it doesn't get too insane. First touch, first switch.