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Player Plots and Calendar

Player Plots and Calendar

This is where you can find and add to a calendar of upcoming events such as player plots, storms and even Metaplot ideas.

Submit your Player Plots by filling out a form. Please make sure you have your player plot fully figured out and keep to the schedule that is submitted. A moderator should respond to your submission within a week. If more than a week passes, please contact us directly.

Player Plots can take the place of any Mini-Storms. A Mini-Storm will take place in the case that there is no Player Plot or a normal Storm for a given month. A larger Player Plot can run instead of a normal storm in non-holiday months with permission.

We reserve the right to refuse submitted Player Plots if - though not limited to if - they are not fully formed and explained during the submission process, go against game rules/mechanics, would conflict with another plot's duration, or if they involve sensitive material and/or themes (ie: extreme gore, sexual assault, etc) or if they are NC-17 in nature. Please contact us if you are uncertain if your player plot would fall into these categories.

Please make sure that you have a clear idea of the material covered in Bending and Reality Storms while you create your plot so you are aware what is plausible with Bending! Also be aware of the material covered in Ascension and World Traveling if this involves Ascended and traveling to other worlds.

Plot Submission Form



Rise of Endos - Metaplot tracker here

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