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The Wake Mods ([personal profile] thewakemods) wrote2009-01-30 01:00 am
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Moderator Contact

The Wake Moderators

Ninja Mod
AIM: Anryuu Nata
Plurk: [ profile] trilobite_punch

Pastel Mod
AIM: silver8514
Plurk: [ profile] alchimique

Scheming Mod
Plurk: [ profile] nikil_san

The Wake Helpstaff

Wiki-ing it Up Helpstaff; Wake Wiki Editor
Plurk: [ profile] daranon

Sparkly Helpstaff
Plurk: [ profile] showsparrow

Our game plurk is [ profile] thewakemods.

If you choose to contact us via this plurk, be sure to add the mods' plurks to the message as well to ensure it is seen promptly. The main use for the game plurk is for announcements so we do not check it often for messages.

In addition, players may use this post as a means to contact the moderators if they are unable to reach us any other way.