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IC Introductory Guide/FAQ

((Originally composed by [personal profile] strategizing. This guide may be used in game (linked and treated as a file transfer from one character's device to another's) to help newly Wakened get to know the city better.))


Welcome to the city called Nautilus. You have just arrived in a world that is not your own. People will say that you have Awakened here, and that is true. This is another layer of reality, one different but equally real as your own world.

This handbook will help you understand the nature of this world, though it may sound somewhat unbelievable upon first glance. I assure you that it is all as accurate as possible. My name is Lelouch. I coordinated the development of this handbook, but I am far from the only source of the information contained herein. To the best of my ability, however, I have verified it. As such, if you wish to look into my credibility with others in this world, it would be a reasonable way of verifying that what you read here is true.

I imagine that you have a number of questions, so I will waste no further time in beginning to give you what answers I can.

1. What is this place?
This place is a city called Nautilus. It is divided into four different districts: North, the District of Whirlwinds; East, the District of Waterfalls; South, the District of the Forests; and West, the District of Infernos. The Northern and Eastern Districts tend to have full seasons, while the Southern and Western Districts do not tend to get cold.

The Northern District has fog many mornings and evenings and holds the access point for a deserted city known as Kalliste. The Southern District is largely forest and natural areas.

The Western District has a red sky, and the adjacent city of Helix may be accessed from the edge of the Western District. The Western District is also considered the most dangerous of the four, so new arrivals would be advised to take caution. The Eastern District is bordered by water and holds other bodies of water within.

Each district has a main plaza as well as other recognizable landmarks. At the center of Nautilus is another plaza and the Heart of Nautilus. The d├ęcor in each district tends reflect its name, making it easy to recognize the district even if one does not know the area. One will notice that things are constantly changing in this city; this is the normal state of things here. One could compare it to the Twilight Zone, if one is familiar with the allusion: "a dimension not of sight and sound but of the mind".

2. How did I get here?
Beings arrive here from a variety of different worlds with a wide range of different properties. People are pulled here by the call to 'Awaken', and those with a certain potential answer the call. We were all pulled from our respective worlds.

It is said that we chose to answer the call, at least unconsciously. We have come here from a variety of different worlds and points in time. You may meet people from your world who come from your past or your future. You will likely meet beings in this world unlike any you have ever seen before.

3. How can I return home?
If one exits the city completely through one of the Gates into the whiteness surrounding it and focuses all of one's will on returning to one's own world, then one can return to one's home. There are four Gates in Nautilus--one at the outer edge of each district. It does not feel exactly the same, however, having acquired a surreal feeling. One watches events from within one's body without being able to alter one's course of actions.

4. What is this communication device I received?
This device connects you to the network of people who have also awakened. A person may make text, voice, or video posts. Private posts to specific individuals can be made in addition to public posts.

5. Currency
There is no currency in this world at this time. It is fairly unnecessary because there are other means of obtaining what one needs in this place (see below for more information).

6. Bending
The main way of obtaining the things one wants in this world is via Bending. Bending means that one applies one's force of will to something one desires and focuses intently. It is a combination of concentration and strength of will. If done properly, what one attempts to Bend will appear in the world. Being able to bend successfully requires a certain amount of practice.

7. Learning to Bend
Currently, there is a School for Bending located in the Eastern District. Any new arrivals wishing to learn how to Bend are welcome to join classes there. It is run by Suzaku, so contacting him is the best way to join a Bending class.

8. Powers
Upon arriving in Nautilus, one may discover that one's powers are missing. Powers may gradually be recovered over time. This requires focus and will, thus the process is typically aided by learning to Bend. Generally, it takes 2-4 weeks to recover each power, depending on the person and the strength of the ability in question. For more encompassing abilities, it may take longer than four weeks.

9. Food
Obtaining food in Nautilus is a simple matter. If learns how to Bend, then when one wills food to exist, food will appear. There is also an open market located in the Southern District. Several eating establishments may also be found in Nautilus, most of which involve fast food of some kind. None of these require payment, so food can be taken.

10. Housing
There are quite a few houses sitting vacant within Nautilus. If one wishes to lay claim to a vacant house, it is as simple as moving into the house and living there. People may also create houses via Bending or construction, though no new arrival would possess sufficient Bending skill to create something as large as a house.

Four welcoming areas have been established for new arrivals to Nautilus, one for each district. In these Welcome Houses, food and shelter are freely available for new arrivals until they choose a home for themselves. People can also usually obtain initial Bending lessons or tours of the surrounding areas from these places.

Welcome Houses
North - Located down the street from the Medbay, large enough to accommodate Cybertronians
East - Once Tony Stark's mansion, located on the cliffs overlooking the beach and ocean
South - Budehuc Castle, maintained by Thomas and located northeast of the Plaza of Forests
West - Converted from the Opera House, located northeast of the Plaza of Infernos

11. Reality Storms
Strange events seem to occur in this city from time to time. How and why such events are triggered is not always clear, but they are sometimes linked to particular residents or their actions. Although the list is far from comprehensive, these examples to give you an idea of what to expect. Previous reality storms include the following:

The Musical Event--Everyone was bursting into song.
The Nightmare Event--People's fears formed into reality.
Humans and Robots Event--People became robots and robots became humans!
The Animal Event--People were turned into animals
The Game--People trapped in a game on a different plane of reality.
Alternate Reality--Several times, the city has altered its residents by making them feel as if they came from different world of origins or held different histories within their own worlds.
Forget Nautilus--People were brought back to the point of their first arrival in Nautilus, losing all memories of living in the city.
Zombie Attack--People lost their powers and were forced to fight off hordes of flesh-eating zombies
The Pokemon Event--Some people were changed into pokemon while others became pokemon trainers.
Wish Upon a Star Event--People who wished on a star were granted their wishes in twisted ways.
The Marker--The Marker appeared in Nautilus and began influencing several residents, causing them to hallucinate and eventually attack others or themselves.
The Persona Event--Shadow versions of people appeared, forcing the individuals to confront some aspect of themselves and accept or deny it.

12. Important Locations
The Great Library - Located in the Northern District near the Great Wall, it carries a wide assortment of books
The Medbay--Located in the Northern District; go there for medical assistance, both human and Cybertronian healing are available
Furmans--Located in the Northern District; this is a bar
The School for Bending--Located in the Eastern District
Bending Stadium--Located in the Eastern District; adjacent to the Bending School
Police Station, Jail, and Courthouse--Located in the Southern District; criminals may be held powerless in the prison
The Graveyard--Located in the Western District; a graveyard with a generally creepy ambiance
Garden of Dreams--Located in the Northern District; a large and lovely garden for any residents to visit
Big Ben --A replica of Big Ben and a small piece of London are located in the Northern District
Open Air Market--Located in the Southern District, one may obtain foodstuffs here
Extreme Pizza--Located in the Southern District, one may get pizza here; it delivers
McDonald's--Located in the Western District, one may get burgers and fries here

13. Potential Hazards
There are several dangerous residents and creatures in the Western District, including giant spiders. Treat all buildings as potentially dangerous places, especially if your character has not visited them before.

It is also advised that residents and visitors to the Northern District be cautious around dark alleyways, particularly when the fog is present. Acid spitting monsters may lurk about those areas.

Additionally, certain areas around the city perimeter are home to a number of monsters, predators and territorial creatures. The two most common areas where they live and hunt are in the grasslands to the North and the deep forests of the far South, though they may occasionally be found in the far West and East. Most of the creatures that present a threat are either Lunar Cry Monsters, which may attack using physical and/or magical means, or wild EVOs, animals that have been mutated via nanite infection. While both are dangerous, extra care should be taken to avoid contact with the wild EVOs as their infection can be contracted similar to a blood-borne disease.

14. City Gifts
As odd as it sounds, Nautilus itself is alive. The city possess a strange sense of humor. It may alter its residents in different ways on occasion, and it may give them "gifts" on different occasions. Those gifts may be good, bizarre, or annoying, depending on Nautilus' mood.

15. Ascension Hierarchy
In Nautilus, one will hear mention of Angelii, Ashura, Devas, and Aeons. These represent a hierarchy of Ascension. The progression proceeds as follows:

Wakened -> Angelii -> Ashura -> Deva -> Aeon

Each level of Ascension represents an increase in power. Nautilus itself is an Aeon. We have four Deva in the city - Antovil, Areva, Klement and Calex. Currently, there are a few Ashura and several Angelii as well, and they have made the progression from being Wakened during their time in Nautilus. Ascension is often tied to the city and occurs generally when Nautilus feels people are ready, at least up through the level of Ashura.

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