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If you feel your character is ready to ascend to the status of an Angelii or an Ashura, then please check the criteria below and submit an essay.

* Essays must be provided via a direct link to your character's journal entry. This enables you to edit your essay at your leisure, without being forced to delete and re-submit if changes are made after comments have been received.

* Essays must be thorough and carefully proofread, and should thoroughly describe all the reasons you believe this character is ready to advance in status. The style and format is up to you, but an essay that is well-written and easy to read is more likely to be chosen by voters. Be sure to include which rank you're submitting the essay for in the subject line of your comment.

Angelii Criteria )

Ashura Criteria )

How the Number of Ascended Slots are Determined: The slots are based on population ranges; 5-10% for Ashura and 20-25% for Angelii. Before each poll is held, a population check is carried out and the number of available slots adjusted. Those numbers are then used to help determine how many Angelii and/or Ashura may be elected in the current poll.

Current Range of Available Angelii Slots: 9 to 14 open slots (19 in use / min of 19 allowed, max of 24) (Listed Names)

Current Range of Available Ashura Slots: 1 to 5 open slots (4 in use / min of 5 allowed, max of 11) (Listed Names)



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