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The Wake Mods ([personal profile] thewakemods) wrote 2016-10-26 07:51 pm (UTC)

Magical Girl Storm

(Original post here
Trigger: Clef)

Sparked by Sailor Senshi presence, and perhaps those heroes that think little masks or new outfits hide their awesome identities.

Normal by day, but when trouble rolls around, it's henshin time!!

...oooor people can become the notorious villains who also feel the need to conceal their identities behind mundane names and ways, but when that itch to stir things up, or maybe gather up some energy, then it's time to don the mask and cape! -or whatever it is they favor. And the evil villain laugh. They must have the cackle. And the tendency to explain their terrible schemes when things look like they're going all according to plan, and the goodie-goodies are in their evil clutches...

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