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Rapture/Ghoul Storm

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Trigger: Lucas)

In Lucas's world IOPSA (International Office of Paranormal and Supernatural Affairs) has been investigating a new drug called Rapture. Rapture induces temporary, supernatural-like abilities to its user. This could be any supernatural talent from telekinesis to empathy and everything in between. The effects vary from use to use, as does the degree of control and power of the ability.

It is also deadly. Rapture can kill you on the first use or the thousandth, it varies from person to person, dose to dose. Once deceased there is an very high likelihood that you will return within a 36 hour period as a Ghoul.

Ghouls are very unfriendly critters; a mish-mash of supernatural beasties such as vampires, werewolves, and zombies. Ghouls undergo a little bit of a transformation while dead; the sclera of your eyes turns black, fingers are elongated, fingernails are strengthened and claw-like, teeth get a little pointy. Ghouls are slightly stronger than the average human and able to see better in dim light but not total darkness. They have nasty disposition and an insatiable drive to kill; whether it's a human or animal.

There is no curing a Ghoul. Once transformed there is only one option. Ghouls can be killed by removing their heart from their body and destroying it in some manner.

So, for a week or whatever, the city is plagued by Ghouls or people turning into Ghouls...and the possibility of a friend/loved being turned into a Ghoul. Perhaps there were vials of Rapture left around, or something like that, so characters can choose to participate or not. Our robotic pals would revert to organic forms for the duration of the storm, perhaps?

After the storm, everyone will need a hug.

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