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Contractor Storm

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Trigger: Hei/Li)

With the appearance of the Purgatory Gate the real stars above Nautilus are now gone, replaced with fake ones. Each star represents a new Contractor: a person with one special power...and a payment.

So, perhaps somewhere in Nautilus a new gate appears! But not one you can walk through. Rather it is an area of abandoned buildings, streets signs with backward lettering, odd black plants, and an uneasy feeling that something strange has appeared.

Characters can be transformed into Contractors; rational-minded killers with special powers. But they pay a price every time they use such power. The power/payment combinations are endless. There's a list here for reference. When a Contractor is active, their star brightens in the night sky. When they are killed, their star falls with them.

A character can also become a Doll a passive medium; emotionless and 'programmable' to a certain extent. They are used for their control over Specters, which travel through whatever medium a Doll uses to see through. For example, Yin must be in contact with water to use her specters and can only make observations when something is close to water. They are often seen with Contractors, but that doesn't have to be the case.

There are also several secret organizations at work in the world of Darker Than Black. PANDORA has laid claim to researching Tokyo's Hell's Gate and the odd things inside it. There is the Syndicate, which is a shadow organization with its fingers in everything, working towards an unknown goal. MI6, the British Intelligence Agency, also plays a major role.

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