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Pleasure Island Storm

(Original post here
Trigger: Jiminy Cricket)

Oooh, now what's all this? It seems that Nautilus has suddenly gotten a gigantic carnival! Complete with free rides, free food, free games, music and merriment everywhere! Of course, there are a few... other temptations, as well. Lots of cigars and cigarettes being pushed onto minors to smoke, plenty of alcohol being handed out to kids, and maybe to throw in fun just for the adults there are a few other temptations like gambling strips as well as model homes, cars, all kinds of other things for people to destroy to their hearts' content. And strangely enough, the longer Wakened stay in the carnival, the harder and harder it is for them to garner the willpower to leave. Who needs Bending school! Who even needs to go home! It's like a neverending Mardi Gras, where debauchery is encouraged, the good times keep rolling, and everyone's free to make a jackass of themselves!

Except in this case, if Wakened indulge themselves a little too much, or stay in the festivities a little too long? That's exactly what will happen. The transformation tends to start out slow - maybe someone's laugh sounds oddly like the bray of a donkey. Or maybe they've suddenly sprouted big floppy ears, or grown a tail (though unless they see their reflection or have it pointed out to them, they won't notice). Either way, a Wakened who stays and continues misbehaving will eventually turn into a full fledged donkey for the rest of the week.

At the end of the storm, the ones who stayed away from this carnival of vices - or at least wised up enough to get out before they changed - get a little golden star pin. The ones who got turned into donkeys get... donkey-related things, like maybe a carrot or a feedbag.

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