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The Wake Mods ([personal profile] thewakemods) wrote 2016-10-26 08:41 pm (UTC)

Rated G Storm

(Original post here
Trigger: Nautilus)

This could be a storm triggered by Nautilus himself at some point down the line. In a nutshell, he's tired of Wakened fighting, trying to kill each other, or in some cases just being rude or mean to each other on the Network. The city could use a little uplifting!

And thus, the Rated G Storm. Where bad language gets censored with sound effects, bad words end up re-written as other words, and anyone who tries to say something mean ends up saying a compliment instead. Also, if someone tries to attack someone else with a weapon, said weapon becomes a squeaky toy version of itself. Trying to land punches ends up with Soc-Em-Boppers being placed on a Wakened's fists. Attempting to fire guns only results in that little cartoon flag that says "BANG!" coming out of the barrel. Malicious Bending doesn't work at all, unless you count growing flowers as working. COUGH.

Oh, and any wounds that somehow result in this just have... a rainbow popping out instead of blood and then they're literally okay a second later.


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