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Thinking of (and as) you.

Storm Name Thinking of (and as) you.

Storm Trigger: Kaylin Neya (In her world there are buildings that can read thoughts as if they are spoken words, and see deeper if they wish, and a race of people whose abilities are similar.

Storm Summary:

Proximity and touch triggered -

In this storm, those nearest to you physically can read your surface thoughts, all the things you are trying not to say, they hear them as if you spoke them, and cannot tell the difference between what you said and what you thought.

If you are lightly touching someone - a brush of the hand, bumping into them, what have you - for the duration of the contact you will get more. Mostly context for the thoughts, but in words, shaped by the mind of the person thinking them. Or who has thought them.

One handed contact - holding hands will let you see hazy images, read deeper thoughts, and the complex convoluted layers of thoughts.

Two hands - Holding both hands, or putting both your hands on someone lets you see memories as they saw them (not as they remember them, not as they are affected by second thoughts and forgetfulness but as they happened) you are still you, but some part of you is also them. You are still now, but you are also then.

More contact - Hugging, laying against each other, sitting back to back... that puts both of you INTO the other's memory (again how it happened, not how they recall it) to see and feel the truth. Each person getting the memory feels like they are living it, completely. They think they are that person, they feel like they are making those decisions. It is a perfect understanding of that moment. As they ARE that person, as far as they know, they have no awareness of the here and now, and since the other person is stuck in their mind the same way (unless they're unaffected by the storm/ascended, what have you) an outside force will have to separate the two (or three or more, could be an interesting experiment) to break the connection. When broken, each person will be violently back in their own minds, and remember everything. If someone touched them to break it, some part of that person's thoughts/memories will leak in, depending on the duration of the touch/kind of touch.

Clothing does not limit anything unless it is something special that might naturally do that (Chat and Ladybug's suits perhaps, possibly Clef's armor. Up to player discretion.)
Things that are SEALED memories, up to player discretion can remain that way. For example in Kaylin's world, even mind readers who can step into her memories as if they lived them cannot see or hold the True Names that she knows and holds. Likewise for the Doctor, his real name can thus be hidden because in canon Renette goes traipsing about in his mind and cannot find it. So if in canon mind reading cannot find a thing, the player can chose to keep the viewer from seeing it in some way keeping with how that would work in canon. (Or just OOCly choose other memories to share) In most cases memories chosen probably will be based on what was going on in scene before the contact, but by no means should be limited to that!

Basically, a physical proximity based memory theater type event to encourage new CR, deepen existing CR, and encourage longer thought filled posts in the logs community, because those are a lot of fun!

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