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Body Swap Shenanigans

Storm Name Body Swap Shenanigans

Storm Trigger: After the heavy fight involving ending Deva Endos's reign, Nautilus maybe has decided that some empathy and living life in another person's shoes may help refresh the residents mentally. A bit of silly fun, as it were. Alternately, it's random, no real trigger.

Storm Summary: Characters swap bodies! Their bending would go with their minds as bending is a matter of will, but no matter what they seem to do they cannot seem to get back to their own bodies of their own volition during the duration of the storm!

Two possible ways on how this could work;

1. RNG
There would be a sign up and moderator RNG on who affected wakened would switch with. This method would encourage new CR interactions. Probably a maximum of switching bodies twice in this simply so that it's not a week straight in just one person's body but still limited so that it doesn't get completely insane. Get to know each other, people of Nautilus!

2. Touch-Based
You accidentally bumped shoulders in a crowded hallway? How about a friendly handshake, or hugging a friend in need of comfort? Oops, that simple touch is enough to cause affected wakened to switch bodies as well! This one would be limited to one switch per day, simply so that it doesn't get too insane. First touch, first switch.

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