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Storm Suggestions

Storm Suggestions

Have a great Storm idea? Post them here!

If you want to suggest a player plot, please go here instead.

Storm Submission Guidelines

  • All storms require some sort of trigger influenced by character(s) or situations within the city.

  • Please only base storms off of canons that are currently in the game.

  • The mods will read and discuss all submissions but will not always respond to every suggestion to indicate that this has occurred. No suggestion is ignored!

  • Ideas that can involve all players/characters are the best! Please try to keep this in mind when making your suggestions!

  • We the mods reserve the right to reject suggestions if we feel if they break game mechanics or rules (ie: multiple AU characters, pregnancy, etc), if they involve sensitive material and/or themes (ie: extreme gore, sexual assault, etc) or if they are NC-17 in nature. Please contact us if you are uncertain if your suggestion would fall into these categories.

  • Have fun!

Storm Submission Code

Comments are UNSCREENED so that discussion with other players can be facilitated. If you wish to keep the plot a secret, SCREEN your post and we will get back to you.

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Storm of Emotion

[personal profile] timeslastsoldier 2017-04-05 11:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Storm Name Storm of Emotion

Storm Trigger: Characters with intense emotions, positive or negative.

Storm Summary: Ever have one of those days when you're feeling blue and under the weather? Well now everyone will know about it! Effected characters will be followed around by little clouds that change according to their mood. Sadness will bring rain, anger thunder, happiness-- a little sunlet peeking out from behind clouds cloaking them in a golden glow!

This weather also works subconsciously so a character that looks happy but acts sad will be rained on.