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[FAQ] Activity Requirements

Activity Requirements FAQ

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Activity Requirements
Activity Check
Applicable Activity Types
How's My Driving and Character Relations Meme
Approved vs. Restricted Content
Hiatus and Leave of Absence

Activity Requirements

What are the activity requirements?

Each character in play requires two valid pieces of activity per month in play (active). Ascended characters in play require an additional piece of activity for a total of three pieces of activity to keep their Ascended status.

The following count as types of valid single pieces of activity:
  • A comment thread with 12+ active comments from your character
    -('reaction comments' that consist of stacked comments [⅕, ⅖, etc] count as ONE comment. 5/5 = 1, silly!)

  • TWO comment threads of 6+ comments from your character on two different threads on different posts.
    -(yes, these two combined count as ONE piece since a 12+ thread counts as one and 6 is half of that.)

  • Participation in a log/Starting a log.

  • Participation in a joint post.

  • All pieces of activity must be started within the month that the Activity Check is for and be valid by the AC deadline (x/8, 11:59:59 PM PST).

    We do not accept activity from the previous or the following month for each month's Activity check.

    You may use any combination of these valid examples to use for your Activity Check for the month.

    Here is a guide to make things easier.

    Activity Check

    When is Activity Check (AC)?

    Activity Check begins with the first day of each and every month. The Wake runs on and abides by Pacific Standard Time (UTC−8). It is ultimately the players' responsibility to remember this and plan accordingly.

    Activity check occurs during the first (1st) week of each month (unless otherwise noted). Preliminary AC occurs between the first and fourth days and the final check happens between the fifth and eighth days.

    In short: First check: x/1 - x/4 , Final check: x/5 - x/8. Every month.

    We send out notices on the 5th day to those who have not responded to the preliminary check and/or to those whose submitted activity do not meet the requirements. All have until the 8th day to respond and submit valid AC.

    Please make it a habit to submit your AC within the first check rather than waiting for the final check. We reserve the right to notify players who fall into the habit of not posting their AC within the first check with our concerns. Keep in mind that this may or may not be taken into consideration if a player's activity level becomes problematic.

    What if I don't meet AC?

    If one doesn't meet or respond to AC by the end of the 8th, they are removed from the game unless they request a save prior to the final check and posting of AC results. Players must be eligible to receive a save to have the request granted.

    Can someone post my AC for me?

    Yes, another player may post AC for you if you are unable to do so yourself and have given that player permission(ie: in the case of lack of internet or traveling). Please notify us ahead of time so we are aware who will be submitting your AC for you (ie: when you make a hiatus request, through PM, etc.).

    I cannot or could not meet AC this month. Can I request a Save?

    Of course you can! We just ask you do not abuse the system by continuously asking for repeated saves close together. We do take notice and will let you know if you've taken too many (continuing to ask for saves after that may result in a strike.). We also may take a trend of too many saves into consideration for any decisions regarding failure to meet AC or regarding other problems.

    How does a Save work?

    Those who request a save must meet the AC for the next round as well as provide an additional valid piece of AC.

    Ascended characters can only request saves that keep their Ascended status safe every six months. This is known as an "Ascended Save".

    An Ascended Save is different from a normal save. Normal Wakened characters need an additional piece of AC to total three pieces of AC for the next round. Ascended characters must provide the full three pieces of AC as well as a fourth.

    If these characters require another save before those six months are up, they will go down one Ascended status (Ashura → Angelii, Angelii → Wakened). You must wait until the next round of Ascension Voting to have your character be considered again for Ascension. Characters who are voted to regain their Ascension do not have to start their training from scratch but might have to take some time getting back into the swing of things.

    In short, if you requested a save, a non-Ascended character would need three pieces of AC for the next round instead of two to pass the next round of AC. An Ascended character would need four pieces of AC the next round of AC instead of three and their status can only be saved every six months.

    Are there save restrictions?

    You cannot request a save if:
  • It is the first month you have joined the game as that character.
  • You have already requested a save the month before.
  • If you've been repeatedly requesting saves within a short amount of time.

  • You cannot request an Ascended Save if:
  • You've previously requested a save for your Ascended character within the last six months.

  • I have trouble meeting these requirements.

    Ultimately it is the players' responsibility to weigh what they can handle and to kickstart their own interactions. There are many ways to get involved in the game. Tagging and collaborating with other players generates its own activity once you get the ball rolling! Check out the CR Meme too each month as well.

    An emergency situation came up and I will not be able to make AC.

    Please let the mod staff know immediately. We look at these requests on a case-by-case basis in cases of personal/family emergency. Telling us sooner than later or after the fact makes it easier for everyone involved. Less stress for the player, more information to go off of for the staff.

    Is a hiatus the same as a save?

    No. They're different. Saves serve to help those who could not meet the requirement under normal circumstances. Hiatuses are acts of temporary leave and are thus not normal circumstances.

    Applicable Activity Types

    Can we post our IC aim chats?

    Sure! We only ask that you post such chats right away in [community profile] thewakelogs, as the mods have experience with accidentally deleting such interaction.

    Can we post backdated/forward-dated logs?

    To a certain extent (ie: a week or so is acceptable while months are not). Most activity should take place in the present. If you are not sure or believe that a log needs to be forward/backdated a substantial amount of time, please check with the mod staff.

    Can a pre-written log be posted in full on the log community?

    Yes. You are allowed to post completed logs (written via e-mail, plurk, other off-site area) onto [community profile] thewakelogs once complete rather than having to write it out via comments.

    Can I post a thread from the Test Drive Meme? Or a thread from a personal inbox

    Unfortunately, Test Drive Meme (TDM) and Personal Inbox threads cannot be used for AC as they are not on [community profile] thewake or [community profile] thewakelogs.

    Can we post and count porn logs towards activity?

    No. Logs with explicit pornographic content do not count towards AC. The game itself is rated R so NC-17 logs are considered supplementary material. Pornographic logs are only allowed on [community profile] thewakeporn. Please consult the Approved vs. Restricted Content section for more information and guidelines.

    Posting NC-17 material directly on the game communities outside of [community profile] thewakeporn or breaking any of the related terms will result in deletion of the content and an immediate and permanent ejection and ban from the game.

    How's My Driving and Character Relations Meme

    What are the HMD and CR Meme? What do these letters stand for?

    The HMD is known as the "How's My Driving?" Meme. (You know, the one where you put your name and characters down in a tag and wait for some kind of response as to how you've been doing RP-wise? That one.)

    The CR Meme is known as the "Character Relations" Meme. This is the one where you and your fellow players can build up in-game relationships and hash out plots big and small.

    Like the game itself, both of these memes thrive on active player participation. Without it, they die and nobody has any fun. Unless that's what you've been planning all along.

    Do we have to do the HMD and the CR Meme?

    Yes and no.

    The HMD used to be mandatory by the original mods but it is not the case now.

    While tagging into either of the two posts isn't mandatory, we strongly encourage players to try it out every so often. It's nice to get some feedback and bounce around ideas, yes?

    Keep in mind that constructive criticism left in the HMD is not suppose to end up as a bash fest. Please channel your expressed thoughts in helpful and constructive ways rather than using this as an opportunity to beat people down.

    On the flip side, if you receive crit, do your best to see the other person's POV. It's fine to ask for clarification from a critic if it comes down to it, but please do not get carried away. We would like to avoid extreme fights that would get people far too involved. We understand that some people will voice opinions in negative ways and some people will take crit the wrong way. This is the nature of any HMD so do your best to avoid any nastiness.

    Approved vs. Restricted Content

    What do you define as inappropriate content?

    Use COMMON SENSE. If you think you would get in trouble for posting it (in accordance to Dreamwidth policy, countries' laws on the matter, your understanding of social response, in terms of job security, etc), don't put it up. We request that content warnings/appropriate trigger warnings be used in the cases of extreme graphic violence that might upset people.

    We accept players under 18 years of age and thus cannot accept NC-17 content on the main communities
    ([community profile] thewake, [community profile] thewakelogs, [community profile] thewakeooc, [community profile] thewakeevents, [community profile] gotosleep_idiot).

    NC-17 material is required to go under [community profile] thewakeporn to protect minors and to comply with Dreamwidth policies. The Wake is rated R (16+, older teen) and allow underage players to join. Breaking this rating will result in strikes and bans. Perma-ban in the case of a pornographic offense.

    What if my character is a teenager under 18 and HORMONES are high?

    Get creative with your fadeouts or we will have to step in.

    Anything to do with minors (players AND characters) cannot go above an R rating (16+ ; older teen) in any of The Wake communities to protect minors and to comply with Dreamwidth policies.

    This rule is mostly for those with characters who are older teenagers who are close to but not yet 18 because...teenage hormones. We're not kidding about the fadeouts though.

    If you have any questions, please ask the mod staff.

    What are the restrictions of [community profile] thewakeporn?
  • All players involved in creating the material must be 18 years old or older.
  • All characters involved in the material must be 18 years old or older.
  • All pornographic content must be behind a cut.
  • Content warnings and trigger warnings must be displayed before a cut.
  • Keep the content locked to [community profile] thewakeporn (or be banned!)

  • Needless to say, only players who are 18 years old or older allowed to join [community profile] thewakeporn, contribute to it, or read material from there in part or full.

    You can only post NC-17 content on [community profile] thewakeporn and if:

    1) all players involved are 18 years old or older.
    2) all involved characters are 18 years old or older.

    Posting NC-17 material directly outside of [community profile] thewakeporn or breaking any of these other terms will result in deletion of the content and an immediate and permanent ejection and ban from the game.

    Hiatus and Leave of Absence

    How do I request a hiatus?

    All you have to do is comment on the Hiatus/Drop post. Just don't accidentally use the Drop text for your hiatus. That would be bad.

    How long can a hiatus be?

    Hiatuses can range between two weeks to a month at a time. Hiatuses that are longer than a month are up to mod staff discretion.

    Can I extend a hiatus?

    Please let the mod staff know immediately. We typically allow hiatuses on case-by-case basis in cases of personal/family emergency.

    Will a hiatus cover AC for that month?

    It depends on when you take the hiatus. Please do not take a short hiatus right at the end of the month to avoid AC. It's fairly obvious when this happens.

    Hiatuses in the beginning or the middle of a month do not save you from AC as you would still have proper time to generate valid AC. A long hiatus that goes through the end of the month will. If you hover that line between months, it will be okay.

    AC must be met for the following month.

    Is there a limit to how many hiatuses I can take?

    There is no actual limit for hiatuses, but we do advise to gauge them carefully. Constant hiatuses do tend to look like character squatting after a while. That's something we don't want happening.

    What if I request a hiatus and end up making AC anyways? Does it cancel out my hiatus request and mean I can take a hiatus the next month or shortly after?

    No, it does not. A hiatus is calculated the same whether it is "needed" or "unneeded". Meeting AC does not cancel out the hiatus and will not reset the amount we can give. It is ultimately up to the player to make the call whether a hiatus is necessary or not in their circumstance.

    What if I take a hiatus and a real life emergency happens the next month or shortly after?

    Please let the mod staff know immediately. We look at these requests on a case-by-case basis in cases of personal/family emergency. The sooner you let us know, the better.

    In the case that you are unable to do so yourself, another player may contact us for you. Our decision will depend on the severity of the situation as well as on your AC record. For this reason, we encourage people to gauge their hiatuses carefully in the case that they need to extend an existing hiatus or request another.

    What if I just got into the game? Can I still take a hiatus?

    While new characters are exempt for the first month, you are still expected to make the next round of AC. You cannot use a hiatus unless there is an emergency pertaining to real life.

    I've been away for a long time from the game and my character is very involved in-game. How do I explain their absence/account for the time away?

    That's fine by us. Remember that taking a break doesn't hurt every now and then, so don't be so hard on yourself. The game does flow in 'real time' unless interactions are noted to be front/backdated so keep that in mind.

    As for in-game planning, anything goes! Perhaps they went back home unannounced/unexpectedly. Maybe they were really busy making a giant robot in their garage for two solid weeks with their friend. Plan with your fellow players to account for the time so everyone's on the same page. You might even find ways to have them accounted for but not present on-screen.