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Hiatus and Drop

A Note on Hiatuses
The normal maximum time you may hiatus is one month. That being said, there are exceptions in which the moderators will grant an extended amount of time if notified ahead of time or if the situation calls for it.

If you need to take a longer hiatus or have a situation that requires a longer hiatus, contact a moderator through the Mod Contact page. We approve of lengthened hiatuses on a case-by-case basis but hiatuses cannot be indefinite. You must provide an accurate estimated time frame in your request.

Additionally, while you may make posts to the OOC comm to let other players know of your hiatus/inactivity, you must post your information about the hiatus on this page in order for it to be officially recognized (and thus applicable to Activity Checks for exemptions if the hiatus is for 2 weeks or more). If you do not post here, it is not recognized. Lengthened hiatuses must be approved by staff in order to be recognized as well.
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Lel [Conan Edogawa [personal profile] spoilsfun Will Stanton [personal profile] lightbranded]
duration: till 11/1. possibly longer.
reason: shoulder injury. limited typing ability for at least six weeks.