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1.  No Drama, no Wank. This is the #1 rule. Do not forget it. Memorize it. Write it on a sticky note and put it on your computer screen. Don't wank. Don't.

2.  Be nice and polite to other people. This is all meant to be fun, and the best way to have it stop being fun is to have people fighting with each other. If there is a serious problem, please bring it up with one of the mods, and we will try to work out the best possible resolution for everyone as soon as possible.

3. Age Requirement: This game is meant for persons 16 years of age or older due to having mature themes. If we find out that you have lied about your age, this will result in immediate banning.

4. This is a panfandom game! We allow anything EXCEPT characters from hentai/yaoi/yuri/ecchi games/other pornography and fanworks.

HOWEVER, we are disallowing characters from unpublished sources (which includes most webcomics and fan videos) and characters whose histories include time spent at previous games (ie, all new characters apping in must be straight out of their canon).

Characters who are being re-apped to The Wake with their previous Nautilus based memories are allowed, though we do ask that part of their application history include a summary of their time in game. Obscure fandoms are allowed, but we ask that you give additional information on canon history, as well as links to the source material so the mods can process your application better.

5. We also allow original characters! However, we ask that the characters be original, and from their own universes. Naruto Ninjas, XVIIth Organization Members, non-canon Time Lords, Reapers, Wizards, Turks, etc will not be accepted. See the FAQ for further details.

6. THIS GAME IS RATED R. As in, we allow cursing and adult situations and so on, but if you're planning super-graphic violence, please warn us and lock the post. If you want to do pornographic logs, please take it to [community profile] thewakeporn. [community profile] thewakeporn is NC-18 ONLY. We cannot stress this enough. All posts WILL be locked.

  • IC problems expressed OOC; OOC problems expressed IC: This is when your character gets upset at another character because you, the player, are upset at the player of the other character; or when you, the player, verbally attack or otherwise start problems about another player about something which occurred ICly and is completely in-character and permissible (this does not include things you did not grant permission for / godmoding, see below).

  • Personal attacks: Talking behind other player's backs, badmouthing, and insulting other players because of something you don't like about them, whether it's how they role play or even the fandoms they happen to enjoy. This is the sort of garbage that may appear on places such RP/fandom secret type communities and especially on hate driven communities such as Wankgate. If you have an issue with another player, please contact them privately to discuss the matter in a civil manner. Should there be issues with reaching a resolution or if you would like the staff to speak to another player on your behalf, please either PM the [personal profile] thewakemods account or contact the staff via the concerns and complaints section.

  • Slander: Lying about another player's actions with malicious intent.

  • Anything else which causes tension, infighting, or other problems. This includes problematic trends that are not successfully improved on after multiple warnings/strikes.

There is very low tolerance for these kinds of behaviors; all of the issues listed above are punishable by as little as a warning (which counts as a strike) or as much as being banned from the game, dependent on the severity of the situation and at the discretion of the staff.

Other offenses that will earn warnings on the strike system - and then a ban if repeats occur for a total of three strikes - are as follows:

  • OOC behavior: If you're playing a fandom character, then it is understood that you are playing a character with a pre-set personality, behavior, and history. There is no excuse for you to ignore these conditions. We understand that sometimes RP requires a hefty amount of filling in the blanks, and characters can change and evolve with time, but we ask that you do so reasonably. A serial killer with no canon evidence for enjoying fluffy kittens behaving in a kitten-enjoying manner is not acceptable.

  • Godmodding: Godmodding is when one player controls the actions of another player's character. Forcing another character to die, or to experience severe psychological, emotional, or physical damage is godmoding. Breaking the in-game laws of physics is godmoding. Saying another character did X (when they did not and you do not have handwaved permission) is godmoding. Godmoding is not okay, it makes people mad, and causes strife among players. Don't do it. If you want to have serious effect on another player's characters, ask that player first.

  • Using OOC knowledge ICly: Just because you, as a player, know something, does not mean that your character will know it. We all have knowledge of different canons and OOC plotting, but that should not filter in to your character. Having your character spontaneously know something without any IC basis is not okay.

  • Mary Sues: What's the difference between a Mary Sue and an OC? A Mary Sue is perfect, has no flaws, makes everyone fall in love with her, and, in general, is obnoxious. An OC is well-developed, has reasonable flaws and powers, and is basically a reasonably normal person. You will notice that the OC application is much more intensive – this is so we can preempt any Sue-like behavior. If you are accepted and exhibit Mary Sue behavior, the mods will not be happy.

  • Inappropriate Content: Some of the players in The Wake are minors. If the government would frown severely in our direction for it, don't do it. Use your best judgment. Also, if you are under 18 and posting in [community profile] thewakeporn, we will ban you. This goes for posting in [community profile] thewakeporn with underage characters as well (including those temporarily aged up due to reality storms or other events).

  • Muncest: some muncest is understandable, especially if you're playing two characters from the same fandom, but we'd like you to keep this to a minimum. If you are apping two characters from the same fandom, try to make sure they're not likely to interact on a regular basis. Even with that, we understand that sometimes muncest has to happen. HOWEVER, there is no excuse for your OC to interact with your fandom characters, especially if it's for a hook up. Keep in-fandom muncest to a minimum, and keep your OC/Fandom character interaction out of the game as much as is humanly possible.

If you see a player engaging in activity you consider offensive, please report it. You may do so here. It is up to the staff to decide if your complaints are valid and the appropriate actions to take.

Wake generally operates on a three strike system where two warnings will be issued prior to banning an offending player. If a first strike is issued, it may be dropped after six months provided no further strikes are accumulated.

The exceptions to the strike system that may result in an immediate ban are severe situations that heavily and negatively impact the game/players. An example of this would be repeated and malicious postings to hate memes that cause one or more players to drop the game, or pasting the contents of someone's private plurks in public without permission and with intent to cause harm. By no means is this a part of the job the staff enjoys, but at times actions need to be taken in order to protect Wake's player base and maintain peace and stability.

8. Activity

We expect you to post in some fashion with each of your characters at least twice every month for non-Ascended characters and at least three times a month for Ascended characters.

Please refer to the Activity Requirements FAQ for further information and details about activity requirements, saves, exemptions, and hiatuses.

All pieces of activity must be started within the month that the Activity Check is for and be valid by the AC deadline (x/8, 11:59:59 PM PST).

As a general rule, the more characters you have, the higher the expectation is for the player to be active. Low levels of activity by a player carrying several characters may be a factor in evaluating any new applications by that player.

9. Hiatus
Everybody needs a break sometimes. Maybe finals are coming up, maybe you're just stressed, maybe you have to go on vacation; whatever. The longest you can take a hiatus for is one month without explicit advance mod approval. Beyond that, you should probably consider dropping the character.  Furthermore, if you take a hiatus, you must make the first activity check after your hiatus to keep your characters. This is to keep people from taking hiatuses simply so they don't have to complete activity checks.

Please declare hiatuses via the Hiatus Post so the length, reason and start date of your absence are easier to keep track of. A post may also be made to the OOC comm to let your fellow players know that you will be away/inactive for a set amount of time, but a declaration of hiatus must be made to the Hiatus Post in order to be recognized by the staff as being official (and therefore count toward an exemption for Activity Check if the hiatus is 2 weeks or longer). If you do not post your hiatus on the hiatus page, it will not be recognized.

10. How's My Driving (HMD) and Character Relations (CR)
Every month, two specifically important posts are made to the OOC Community: the How's My Driving (or "The HMD") post and the Character Relations (or "the CR Meme") post.
  • On the HMD post, players can give and get constructive feedback and/or compliments for their characters. Remember: HMDs are meant for improvement, not for tearing people down.

  • On the CR post, players can plot and plan with other players OOCly for IC circumstances. They can also build (or destroy, if you're into that kind of thing) the relations between their character through various interactions.

While it isn't mandatory, tagging to the posts is highly encouraged. It doesn't hurt to try every once in a while.