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Applications (Ver. 3)


Comments are no longer screened. Please let us know if you'd like us to screen your application by writing 'Please Screen' in the Subject Line. (ie: Character Name | Series Name | Please Screen) Feel free to post as many comments as necessary or provide a link to your journal post.

Fandom Character Applications:

Original Character Applications - we ask that you be AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE.

** Please note that applications take at least three mods to review and pass, so response times may vary. We apologize for any delay which may result, as the mods are not guaranteed to be on the same schedule. If we request revisions for your application, you have one week to submit those revisions.

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If he gets in, would that be considered... Miraculous?

Adrien has to get his bad sense of humor from someone....

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Annie | The New Batman Adventures

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Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir | Miraculous Ladybug

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Trinity Blood | Father Abel Nightroad | Reserved

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Voltron: Legendary Defender | Keith | Reserved

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Osgood | Doctor Who | Reserved

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Part two, and again, thank you.

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Sgt. Rico | Killzone Series

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Personal Information
Name: dark
Age: 28
Personal Journal: N/A
Email / AIM / MSN / Plurk: email, redscribbles- plurk
Current Character(s): (List the characters you currently play in the Wake, if applicable!)
John Connor
Character Information
Character Name: Sgt. Rico Velasquez

Fandom: Killzone Series

Character History:
Rico is born on November 1st, 2329 to a family of 11. Out of 9 siblings, he is the oldest brother. His family lives on the poorer side of Vekta City in the slummy part. Even though he is on the poorer side of Vekta City, His parents are a mix of African American and Latino. To keep things going smoothly, Rico’s parents would run the best known restaurant around Vekta City with their famous food in Northern Vekta. Rico pulled his own weight in kitchen until he was an older teen.
Times were rough for the family of 11. To support the family of 9, Rico’s parents would run their own restaurant while both Vektans from the planet all over would eat there. However, this was during a time where Vekta was protecting itself from a war against the Helghasts. The Helghasts were a constant threat to the Vektan way of life so Rico grew itchy to join the ISA. However, that would have to wait as Rico would continue to work hard in the restaurant to help his parents to get full time staff. At 18 years, he left the family and became independent, unfortunately got himself with the wrong people.He decided to turn his life around and join the ISA for the challenge.

Basic training in Vekta would prove to be difficult for the young soldier. Rico was known for his aggressiveness and toughness and this would prove to carry him through his training for a good chunk of years as he made it through and graduated with high honors. He was promoted right away to Sergeant of the H-squad.

During his first mission with the H-squad, which was a squadron full of rookie soldiers, Rico and his team were assigned to defend the Vektan City tram station. On the other hand, Jan’s team was looking for General Bradley Vaughton who was captured in the building nearby. Being the only one left from his team, Rico found Jan’s team and helped them by clearing out a full area of Helghasts.

Accepting a mission given to him by General Vaughton himself, Rico accepts this and joins Jan’s team. Jan’s team consisted of 2 others such as himself, Luger the Shadow Marshall and now Rico. As Jan and the others fought to find Gregor Hakha who was a half Helghast and Vektan spy that wanted to help the ISA any way he could. As soon as Hekha shows up in the picture, Rico finds himself getting angry at the man and pushing him around, causing a tense argument between himself and Hakha due to his team being all out slaughtered by the Helghasts. Rico forced himself to stand being pulled back to have his attitude adjusted due to problems with Hekha being half Helghast. Being distrustful of Helghasts, Rico almost made another attempt on Hekha, where Luger and Jan stopped him from doing it.

Fighting through Helghasts, Jan finds out General Vaughton was betrayed and killed himself by General Adams, another top level ISA man. After Jan gives a angry motivating speech to everyone after Luger stops Rico from trying to kill Hakha, things seemed to improve if only a bit between the team.

The Security Keys that go to the SD Platform so that the Earth platoon could back the ISA were the main mission but since General Vaughton had the keys, but the keys were hidden enough to given to Jan himself.

After Vaughton was killed, Jan decides and lets Hakha hack into the mainframe to see how General Adams was trying to get into the SD platform.

Turns out General Adam’s computer was under control by the Helghasts.

Jan decides the best course of action is to find the traitor, Adams and get up to the SD platform. Jan faces off against a insane Adams who gives him and the ISA a warning. But Jan and his team are able to stop Adams and the Helghast from gaining control of the SD Platform by blowing it up.

But in losses, the ISA lost a nuclear ship called the Red Dust. Jan and the others fly away and the Earth Platoon makes it up to back up the ISA.

Rico, Jan, Luger and Hakha had now received the “Silver Sun” in their brilliance in saving the day.
This was a high honor for doing what they did.

Rico was recommended to lead his own strike team named the Hellhounds. They were full of experienced soldiers requested by Rico himself. The Hellhounds mission was to hold off a new leader of the Helghast named General Armin Metrac who had taken by force control of a lot of Southern Vekta. Quickly overwhelmed by the Helghast at the base he was trying to hold, Rico meets up with Jan Templar, a old friend of his. They both fight off the Helghast where a sniper got a aim at Rico where Jan was able to heal Rico quickly. After reaching the base, Rico and Jan slip off via boat exit.

There’s a new mission where the ISA VIPs are coming and Jan and Rico have to protect them. Jan goes one way and Rico another way. Rico finds out that two of them made it but one of them died. Rico goes off to find medical supplies, but is captured by the Helghast. General Stratson, on the other hand is wanting Rico to play a double agent pretending to inform the Helghast to learn of their plans.

Rico is interrogated but Metrac fails to change Rico’s siding. Evelyn, one of the ISA VIPs are being tortured for the nuclear codes and she doesn’t tell the Helghast. Rico was set up all this time to look like the traitor instead of looking good out there. ISA troops are going to bomb the base and everyone gets out. Rico is blamed for things gone wrong but he tells the ISA multiple times that Stratson was the traitor after all.

Evelyn is saved by Templar, and Stratson is arrested for crimes against the ISA and being a traitor.

Months later in January 2358, Rico and his Hellhounds are sent on a mission to receive more key vital information on a Helghast ship but when the Helghast begin to retreat from Vekta, they are planning one more huge attack on Vekta. The nuclear ship Red Dust is in the Helghast’s hands except without the key codes. Rico was very well decorated for everything he had done for the ISA but experiencing betrayal over and over does big things to a person and Rico began to distrust the ISA officer class and he became aggressive over trying to be trained back into the ISA army.

After everything settled, Jan was now promoted to Colonel of the Fleet and Jan started to pick special force teams.

Rico, a now Master-Sergeant was one of his first choices for his own squad named Alpha squad, which featured Shawn Natko, and Sergeant First Class Thomas Sevchanko and Dante Garza.

By 2360, Jan’s fleet moved out to the Helghast planet, Helghan. As the fleet left for the planet, the first wave got destroyed so the second fleet was lead by Captain Narville to capture Visari at the Helghast capital, Pyrrhus. Rico is rather infamous for his anger and Evelyn warns him about it and he ignores her.

Rico’s squad is assigned to protect Narville and his men and is met by heavy resistance by the Helghast and the Arc towers. The squad splits up and goes to try and take down the arc towers blasting ISA convoys out of the skies.

As Rico’s squad and Captain Narville push through Helghast by Helghast to get to Radec Academy, Mael Radec is observing from above and watching and waiting to trap the ISA squads in a mess of Helghasts before they reach Visari square. Radec’s squad injuries and wounds Garza killing him.

The team, especially Sev doesn’t take this well.

The whole squad does a lot but the Arc pillars knock isa troops still out of the sky with a dangerous material called Petrusite.

But the huge impact is when Radec and the Helghast appear on the New Sun, and kill Evelyn and Jan Templar upon boarding. While downloading the codes, Jan barely survives and sends the ship plummeting toward the power grid. Rico is horrified by this act and tries to save Jan but is held back. Private Richards and Rico are arguing and Richards insulted Jan’s sacrifice and Rico begins to beat him to death because of this.

Visari fires Red Dust on his own people trying to wipe out the ISA, failing only killing most of the ISA and Helghast troops. Radec orders his troops to try and kill everyone else, however. After Sev and Rico fight through the other Helghasts, Radec kills himself instead before he is captured.

Sev and Rico go to find Visari and arrest him. Rico having enough of things, shoots Visari in front of Sev learns that the Helghast fleet had arrived just in time.

Character Personality: Rico is a angry and impatient soldier. He may even been viewed as an idiot sometimes on the outside. He swears a lot like a sailor. Rico’s resentment, even hatred for the Helghast comes from the killing of his entire squad in front of him. He doesn’t see anything can be solved without violence but anything like spying and anything like it won’t solve anything because it's time consuming. However, he isn’t always gruff, angry and mean. He is extremely loyal to those who respect him and will make sure they are protected to the end. This is one of his greatest strengths AND weaknesses.

He cannot handle climbing or building but he can handle heavy machinery and much more. However as time changes, Rico is slimmer and more calm. He still is prone to anger outbursts at Narville and much more.

Rico hates people making fun of Templar and his sacrifices. In fact, deep in his mind this still bothers him.

Powers and Abilities:

Rico is a regular soldier able to handle heavy equipment and guns. He also is a ISA and a normal human here.

Marksmanship- Can handle guns
Fights unarmed and armed- He knows how to use a weapon in fights and in a fist to fist fight.

TDM posts, links, and examples for posts from other communities are not accepted.


[A strange man with almost semi heavy armor stares at the camera]

Listen here, citizens..

Let it be known i won’t be pushed around here.
[Huffs in anger]

[Rico is seen sitting in a chair, muttering]

“Damn Higs, luckily they aren’t here.

Third Person: Rico was bluntly described to have a giant machine gun on his back and he didn’t fucking care.

How did he get this giant machine gun here? Bending or some other source somehow?

Don’t ask…

Things were probably were about to get messy if you did ask, anyways.

Rico had to cover his eyes, shading it from the sun here in the city.

He did take in the scenery and observed that the place was technologically advanced than Vekta was but he could be wrong.

With a large thump, the machine gun was set down as you can see Rico rubbing the black gunpowder left on the gun off. He leaned against a tree and starting marking down things in a book of some sorts.

Whatever was on his mind, he was thinking of his team, Jan…

He missed Jan too much right now.

It was almost like PTSD of the situation grew too much for the ISA Veteran to handle and he began to scream in a panic of some sort.

Whoever saw this would piece together that Rico was having a little moment at the time and it wasn’t about to be pleasant.

There was no war here, meaning there was no such thing as Helghasts here, right? Rico took a breath in and pushed himself off the ground, almost taking a nap of some sort trying to calm down.
Anger is something he didn’t need but it would follow him around for a long period of time no matter what happened.

He was always told he was a idiot, but was he a idiot for being loyal to people? Or was he a idiot for being so loyal to a fault.

Days would go and nights would come, but it would take a while before he saw Vekta and the remaining parts of his team again.

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Link | Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time

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Lady Amalthea/The Unicorn | The Last Unicorn

[personal profile] lilacwood 2016-10-14 04:07 am (UTC)(link)
Personal Information
Name: Riddle
Age: 30
Personal Journal: [personal profile] meadowed
Email / AIM / MSN / Plurk: [ profile] tiger_eyes
Current Character(s): N/A

Character Information
Character Name: The Unicorn and/or Lady Amalthea
Fandom: The Last Unicorn

Character History: Plot!

Character Personality: The Unicorn is old; so old in fact that even she does not know her age. She was a creature that lived outside of time. Centuries could pass without her notice. (Curiously she felt no need to use her voice for a long, long while either until she learned that her people (fellow Unicorns) had disappeared from the world.) The Unicorn was a spectator of life, feeling joy and wonder in watching other creatures - humans included - be given life, grow, mate and die. She never wished to be included in such activities and thus she has never given birth to her own foal or even sought out the company of a fellow of her kind. She was content in her forest until the truth found her and nagged at her to act.

Thus, perhaps inevitably, during her travels, she felt herself irrevocably changed. She was not an innocent creature who could simply watch the world pass her by any longer. She began to feel things that no other Unicorn had ever experienced, yet she was tentative about giving them a name. (For example, a Unicorn has no need of relying on anyone's company, but she found herself remaining loyally at Schmendrick's and then Molly Grue's side. She even felt the stirrings of an emotion that frightened her and set her apart from her people: regret.)

However the changes would have been bearable if Schmendrick had not done something awful to her in order to save her from the Red Bull*. When he transformed her into a maiden, all of the stirrings she had felt became overwhelming. She understands mortality; she understands what it is like to feel a body dying all around you and she wants none of it. Unicorns are immortal creatures and as she is now, with every day, she feels death dragging away her beauty and her strength.

To make matters more confusing, she is forgetting her true nature the more she lives in time. A mortal cannot understand an immortal's true nature or vice versa. Amalthea has been both and now the wisdom of her past is leaving her, trickling away from her until she is more and more like a human born woman. As a human, she is graceful, but detached. She often likes to peer out windows and remember something that is constantly evading her. The life she had before is like a dream and while she longs to return to her forest, she cannot quite recall why or what waits for her there.

Thus, as she is now, she is a lost young woman who is experiencing a mild amnesia. She recalls being a Unicorn, of course, but the more intense sensations of being in that form are leaving her, bit by bit. She has always been connected to nature, for example - from simply sensing even the tiniest of changes (especially in her forest) to being able to converse openly with the animals she encounters - but those abilities are beginning to fade. However, more importantly, she is losing her wild independence. As a human, she must rely more on others - something a Unicorn simply will not abide. With that reliance comes distracting, troublesome emotions. She is confused by what she is and what she feels. Eventually, she will be confused about how she came to be in the first place.

Only magic can undo what has been done to her or she will become merely a mysterious lady who, more likely than not, does have an odd taste for flowers.

(Note: *The reason why Schmendrick transforming her into a mortal woman was so disturbing to her was because she knew of another Unicorn who had endured such a spell. He was never returned to his Unicorn form and he perished from eating too many flowers (something a human is not built to handle, obviously).

Secondly, it is my hope that someone in The Wake would/will eventually be able to reverse Schmendrick's spell. With the spell reversed, she will remember being a Unicorn and how the grass and soil feels under her cloven hooves. Furthermore, she will remember her goals: to defeat the Red Bull and free her people and return to her forest once and for all.)

Powers and Abilities:

❥ She can converse, currently, with animals. (As time passes, I will show this fading.)

❥ While some of her wild nature has been dampened, it is still with her. She can run very swiftly for a woman if she is fleeing danger.

❥ Lastly, she does seem to possess a healing effect on others. I do not know if she could close a wound as she would be able to do as a Unicorn, but she can bring peace and calm to another's mind.

TDM posts (unless it's for Network), links, and examples for posts from other communities are not accepted.

Network: (Tears shimmer in her eyes, but she is too stubborn to let them fall.)

I cannot tell what is real and what is a dream. I thought I was in a nightmare before, but now it is somehow worse.

(She covers her face with her hands, her fingers trembling.)

I must return to King Haggard's castle. No! The forest... (Her hands lower and she shakes her head in a distinctly equine manner.) I must return to the forest, though I cannot recall why.

(Forehead furrowing, she rises and breathes in the air. Even that smells different. Foreign.)

I am called the Lady Amalthea. (A name given to her by the Wizard who left this.) Is there a place I can go...away from the city? Away from the buildings?

(Unless this is a dream, but her dreams are usually green...and, lately, sad. So sad.)

What of a woman named Molly Grue? I would like to know if she is present. (No, she will not ask about Schmendrick. She has not forgiven him yet.) If not, I only ask for a place where I can be alone...near the trees.

(Amalthea will not acknowledge that she has been brought here for a reason. This is only another prison to her, though, when her mood is better, she will see the beauty of it.)

Third Person: The wind blew through her soft white curls, lifting them and tangling them playfully. She could not enjoy the sensation fully, however. Amalthea was slowly adjusting to her new home; her new prison. Magic brought her here surely and magic kept her here against her will.

Was it against her will? With each day that passed, she doubted what had once been so clear.

Thanks to his spell!

She turned sharply, her skirt lifting from her ankles. Her expression was dark and she lifted a hand to touch the place on her forehead where her horn once stood so proudly. There was nothing left except for a mark on her skin. Even that was fading over time.

What am I becoming?

The answer to that question was...easy, really. Simple. And all the more terrifying for it. She - a Unicorn - was becoming human. Her immortality, her Unicorn nature was slipping through her fingers and she had no power to hold it back.

Who would believe me if I told them?

In this, she was alone and that made her feel chilled to her bones. Was this how the other Unicorn had felt? If so, she pitied him. She empathized with him.

I never wanted to!

Yet that had ceased to matter the moment she set her cloven hoof on this journey. A bird flew down and landed on her outstretched arm, peering at her almost as if...

"Do you know me?" Amalthea remembered another seeming to recognize her long ago. A butterfly? Or had it been a bird?

"Please tell me who I am? Or...who I was?"

All the bird could do was sing, however, doing his utmost to soothe her. She appreciated the effort, but it was like covering a large wound with a tiny bandage. Regardless, she brought the bird close and stroked over his soft feathers, taking what comfort he could offer.

Sorry about that!

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Me, herself, a try.

Hopefully she will better suit than Osgood did. Thank you very much. ::deep bow::

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Nergal Jr | The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

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Rey | Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Personal Information
Name: Riddle
Age: 30
Personal Journal: [personal profile] meadowed
Email / AIM / MSN / Plurk: [ profile] tiger_eyes
Current Character(s): Lady Amalthea/Unicorn ([personal profile] lilacwood)

Character Information
Character Name: Rey
Fandom: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Character History: Her Wookieepedia.

☄ Rey is left on Jakku when she is only a child. In the vision she has as an adult, she sees a ship taking flight while Unkar Plutt holds her arm and orders her to be quiet.

☄ At Niima outpost, she sees off-worlders and obviously develops a habit of eavesdropping when she is able.

☄ She becomes a skilled Scavenger in Unkar's employ and makes enough to keep herself fed. (She also builds her own speeder to carry what she finds (and herself) and she learns about the ships as she scavenges parts from them. Furthermore, she teaches herself how to fly said ships over the hot deserts.)

☄ Her days are remarkably similar as she waits for her family to return and as she keeps herself alive and fed. That is until she sees BB-8 being kidnapped/stolen and comes to his rescue. The droid convinces her to allow him to accompany her and that, in turn, leads to her fighting off those who want to steal the droid for the First Order (Unkar Plutt's men/cronies).

☄ She thinks Finn is another thief trying to take BB-8 (as he is wearing Poe Dameron's jacket (and Poe is BB-8's master)). Instead she finds out that Finn is an ally - though he does lie to her about his identity.

☄ She finds out that BB-8 is carrying a map that will lead the Resistance to the last Jedi, Luke Skywalker.

☄ Together the pair are forced to take a piece of junk (i.e. the Millennium Falcon) out into space to escape the First Order.

☄ The Millennium Falcon is tracked and captured by none other than Han Solo and Chewbacca.

☄ Somehow, Rey, Finn, Han Solo and Chewbacca become allies after they work together to escape the creatures Han had been "transporting" as well as some of Han's enemies. They take the Millennium Falcon together and fly to another planet.

☄ While onboard the ship, Rey and Finn learn that the Jedi and the Force are real.

☄ Then, on said planet, they meet Maz Kanata, who reveals much to each of them. Rey in particular sees a vision of herself, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2 and Kylo Ren. She also hears voices (Palpatine's, Darth Vader's breathing, Obi-Wan Kenobi's etc.). In the end, Maz tells her that Luke Skywalker's lightsaber is calling out to her and that she should take it. She refuses.

☄ She also learns that Finn is a Stormtrooper on the run.

☄ The emotional toll of learning so much in a short space of time sends her running into the forest. There, Kylo Ren finds her, traps her and kidnaps her.

☄ During her interrogation with Kylo Ren, he tries to break into her mind to see the map leading to Luke Skywalker. Rey denies him access as much as she is able and eventually, she turns the power back on him and tells him his greatest fear. The interrogation ends with Kylo Ren looking disturbed.

☄ In his absence, she uses Force Mind-Control to convince the Stormtrooper guarding her to release her and drop his weapon. She is then able to lay low as she navigates the ship, looking for an escape.

☄ Her Scavenging skills come in handy and she is reunited with Finn, Han Solo and Chewbacca.

☄ After seeing that the Resistance fighters are having trouble destroying the thermal oscillator, Rey and company stay behind instead of boarding the Falcon again. Rey is able to bypass a door and let Han Solo and Chewbacca into the right area to plant charges.

☄ Rey and Finn watch from an overlooking bridge while Han Solo approaches Kylo Ren. They see everything, though it's unlikely that they hear the words passed between father and son. But Han Solo's murder is clear and Rey cries out when she sees it.

☄ As they run to escape into the snowy forest outside of the base - because Chewbacca ignites the charges (after shooting Kylo Ren) - Kylo Ren finds them. Rey attempts to shoot him, but is propelled into the air, hitting a tree. With her unconscious, Finn fights Kylo Ren instead with Luke Skywalker's lightsaber - a gift of sorts to him from Maz.

☄ Finn is defeated and Rey thinks him killed when she comes to. She calls for the lightsaber with the Force and it comes directly to her - instead of to Kylo Ren who had been calling it too. The pair fight and it is only when Rey calms herself and feels the Force that she is able to overwhelm him. Though she is unable to kill him.

☄ The ground splits between them, separating them, and she runs to Finn. With Chewbacca's help, they climb back onboard the Falcon and escape.

☄ Upon seeing General Leia, she embraces the woman, giving her sympathy without needing to say a word. She says her farewell to Finn who is alive but unconscious and sets out to find Luke now that the map is complete.

☄ She, along with Chewie and R2-D2 arrive on the island where Luke is staying. She climbs up to meet the Jedi and extends the lightsaber to him.

Character Personality: Rey is, simply put, a force to be reckoned with. She has spent most of her life - childhood included - raising herself on the desert planet of Jakku. There, she was a Scavenger who eked out her living scavenging for discarded parts from fallen or abandoned ships and anything else she could find. It's clear from the beginning of the film that she has been a living a very precarious existence, earning just enough to keep herself fed. One would expect someone in her situation to be bitter or cynical (or both) but Rey isn't either of those things. Somehow she has been able to retain her morality and keep her feet on the ground through all of her hardships. (After all, she could have easily sold BB-8, yet she knew he depended on her to a certain degree and he was innocent. Rey doesn't have the heart to turn someone like him away - even though he happens to be a something considering he is a droid.)

As the film progresses, Rey blossoms from being a solitary (yet remarkably kind and proficient) young woman to a woman who is fiercely loyal and loving towards those she calls friends. She has a heart that clearly yearns for a family and a place of belonging, though, at first, she is frightened of the change. The Force has set a strange path at her feet and if she doesn't follow it, she will be as she always was: waiting for parents or family that never come.

Once she accepts the truth that she must seek out her family - if they still exist - rather than them coming to her, she seems more at ease with herself; more confident. But she would be a fool to not be frightened and she understands that too. After seeing Kylo Ren kill Han Solo, almost kill Finn and then fighting him herself, she realizes the desperate need for her to become fully trained in the Force and there is only one person who can do that: Luke Skywalker.

Besides the Dark Side, Rey is intensely curious about the abilities that come so naturally to her. She can see that, for the first time, she holds the reins of her life; she is the one who decides - even if the Force is compelling her - to do good. To help people. That's why she rejects Kylo Ren's offer to be her teacher. He is too steeped in the Darkness and she will have no part of that.

Ultimately, Rey is still young and inexperienced in many matters - life included! She has natural abilities and an instinct that many would envy, but she is wild and untrained, which means if she encounters someone who knows exactly what they are doing with the Force, she might not last long. Thus far, she has been lucky and she accepts that fact as she climbs the steep, narrow road to find Luke. Without his help, she will simply be another possibility that was cut down too soon.

The Force may have smiled on her thus far, but she won't depend on that forever nor will she allow herself to become arrogant because she won one lightsaber battle. She senses that she will have more confrontations with Kylo Ren and he will learn from each encounter - therefore she must learn too in order to protect herself, her friends and maybe even the galaxy if it comes down to it. Rey has no trouble empathizing with others, though she will always fear losing them once she has given her heart to their cause. Such is the price a Force user aligned with the Light must pay - and, truly, she cannot imagine herself being any other way no matter the pain it will undoubtedly bring her.

Powers and Abilities: ☄ She is a skilled mechanic; she knows how ships work and which parts can be saved if there happens to be wreckage or a crash. (She built her own speeder, for example.)

☄ She is skilled as a warrior (even without a lightsaber). She uses her quarterstaff to beat off attackers without breaking much of a sweat.

☄ Physically, she is in peak condition. She must be to keep herself safe.

☄ She has an uncanny connection and natural instinct when it comes to the Force. Anakin and Luke's lightsaber came to her instead of Kylo Ren and she used the Jedi Mind Trick on a Stormtrooper. She even stopped Kylo Ren from peering into her mind and turned his attack back onto him, learning of his fears and insecurities.

☄ And, lastly, she is one hell of a pilot. Self-taught too!

TDM posts (unless it's for Network), links, and examples for posts from other communities are not accepted.

Network: TDM threads, but since they are not necessary for the network, I will give you a sample:

[A slender young woman appears on the network, dressed plainly in muted tones of grey, khaki and brown. She is also holding a bag close to her abdomen with the hand that isn't holding a data-pad.]

I'm not sure where to begin, but I guess this is my first question:

Is Luke Skywalker in...Nautilus? [She hopes she is getting the name right. Everything is new to her - including, but not limited to, the architecture. It looks old, but she has never heard of a planet that goes by that name.]

I have to believe there is a reason I was brought here. [Rey is trying to ignore her frustration. It will do her no good in a new environment amongst strangers.] My name is Rey and I -

I just need to find him. It's important. [As much as she hates it, she has to plan for the worst case scenario that Luke isn't present.] Anyone who knows him...personally... I would like to meet you.

Third Person: She finished her message to Nautilus as a whole, looking and feeling awkward. If Luke Skywalker wasn't present, she would be right back where she started - only this time without her friends, General Leia, Chewbacca or the Millennium Falcon. So worse off, actually. The lightsaber felt heavy in her bag as if it was calling out to Luke.

It belongs with him. Rey knew she would give it back to him. She hadn't made much plans where her own training in the Force was concerned. If Luke deemed her worthy or wanted to go through the trouble of training her, he would offer. She just wanted to know about her family and why she had been left on Jakku.

Staying still wouldn't accomplish anything, though, so she tucked her data-pad into her bag, side by side with the weapon, and strode into the city. The buildings were magnificent and she didn't think she could look at them enough. There was also a nice breeze and plenty of vegetation. Rey had a soft spot for green grass and green trees.

She thought, not for the first time, that it wouldn't be so bad to live in such a place. Yet she had a mission that she wouldn't allow herself to fail. Imagining herself as a Jedi was strange and she wasn't certain she was powerful enough - or worthy enough. But if Luke was the last one and those like Kylo Ren roamed the galaxy freely, she knew she needed to do all she could to keep the balance in check.

What if the First Order is here? A chill ran down her spine and she watched the people around her closely. Warily. The First Order surely had many spies. So few stood against that organization and word seemed to travel devilishly fast no matter which planet they visited. They might already be informed of her arrival.

At least she was armed. Rey toyed with the flap on her bag, ready to flip it back and retrieve the lightsaber if need be.

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